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2011 Member Survey Online

A Snapshot of the Music Therapy Profession

One of the most important things you do each year as a music therapist and member of AMTA is complete the annual Member Survey.  This year, the 2011 AMTA Member Survey is being conducted online.  That’s right!  No more writing in tiny boxes; you simply go to the following url and enter your survey responses at a time that is most convenient for you. 
To take the survey, click on or copy the url and paste it into your internet browser.
Please fill out this survey before August 1, 2011.

Your responses to this survey alone are used for gathering comprehensive data detailing the profession of music therapy.  Survey results are used for a variety of reasons including public affairs, government relations, funding, job acquisition and improvement, and other requests for information.  For the most accurate picture of the profession, we need each and every practicing music therapist to complete a survey every year.  The information you provide helps us gather an accurate picture of the profession of music therapy in the U.S.  What follows are some frequently asked questions and answers about the survey to help you to understand the purpose and scope of this important yearly project.

Is the information I provide confidential?
Yes! The informational questions you answer are used for no other purpose than to gather information for a Descriptive Statistical Profile of the membership.  Your anonymity is protected.  Responses to financial and personal information will be reported in aggregate statistical form only so we hope you will feel free to answer these questions candidly,  AMTA does not collect name and address information and has no access to your IP address.  If, however, you object to any question, just skip it and go on to the next one.

Why do you need my salary information? 
Probably the most important question on the survey is the one about salary.  It is through your responses that we determine average income based on region, population, setting, ages served, years in the profession, etc. This information is used not just by the Association, but also by individual music therapists to set salaries, negotiate increases, create jobs, and determine fair and appropriate fees.  Please remember that personal information provided is kept strictly confidential. Only aggregate, non-identifiable summary data is released in the summary analyses.  Of course, if you still don’t feel comfortable answering this question, you are welcome to skip it, but the more responses from survey respondents, the more accurate the salary information we report becomes.

What about my address?
Because this survey is now being conducted online, we don’t ask you about your address or contact information; only the area in which you currently live.  If you’d like to change your address or other information on your AMTA record, you can do so by contacting the AMTA national office or going to the AMTA website separately.

I filled out a survey last year, do I need to fill one out again? 
YES! We cannot assume that last year’s responses still apply unless you complete your survey again.  And because this is the first year the survey is being conducted online, it’s even more critical that every music therapist respond.  We need each and every music therapist to return the survey every year in order to have the most accurate data.

Why do you need to know how many people I’ve served? 
The questions about the number of individuals and facilities served help us to extrapolate how many people in the U.S. receive music therapy each year.  We are looking for the total number of individuals who you served over the course of a year—not necessarily the number of sessions you provided for one person.  Even if you don’t know the exact number of people, your best estimate is appreciated.

What information is published? 
AMTA is currently renovating its entire website.  With this project, much of the formerly published AMTA Member Sourcebook will now be available online rather than in a printed format.  The AMTA Member Directory will be accessible online.  What this means is the information you access will be more timely and accurate as of the moment you access it.  Information such as the Descriptive Statistical Profile as well as other member benefit information which is not available elsewhere on the website will be published electronically in the form of .pdf downloadable from the AMTA Online Store.  Watch Music Therapy Enews and other updates for when this document will be made available.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to your 2011 Member Survey.  The information you provide helps to build a better future for music therapy.


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