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2021 Conference Registration Rates and Discount Opportunities

June 1, 2021 02:25 PM


2021 Conference

Registration Type


(until 8/20/21)


(8/21/21 - 9/24/21)


(after 9/24/21)

Regular Professional Registration $399 $439 $479
AMTA Professional Member Discounted Registration $299 $339 $379
Student Registration $199 $199 $199
AMTA Student Member Registration $149 $149 $149
High School Student Track $25 $25 $25
One Day Registration $299 $299 $299


Discount Opportunities

In an effort to increase conference access to the music therapy community, AMTA is offering the following 2021 conference discounts opportunities. We invite you consider the available discounts prior to registering for the conference.

  • Please read each option carefully to select the best option for you.
  • Only one discount may be selected per person, per registration.
  • Must be applied at the time of registration. (Discounts cannot be applied retroactively; refunds will not be issued after a payment has been processed.)
OPTION 1 – “Opening Week Online Registration Sale”
  • $40 off for registering during the first week registration is open.
  • Just enter 1st-AMTA21 in the Discount Code box when you check out!
  • Discount code available in the online store for any registrant category of any membership type.
  • Must register online.
  • Watch social media and email for the registration opening notice and register quickly to take advantage of opening week discounts!
  • Discount code ends June 29, 2021
OPTION 2 – Professional Member Bring a Professional Non-member

One “professional” member can partner with one “professional” Non-member to receive an equal discount on both registrations.

  • $75 discount applied to Professional Registration Fee; $75 discount applied to Non-member Professional Registration Fee.
  • Submit two registration forms, one for each person, at the same time, noting that these two individuals are applying for the Member Bring a Non-member discount.
  • Each person may pay for their own registration fee with their own form of payment. 
  • Email to ( or send by mail form to AMTA (8455 Colesville Road, Suite 1000, Silver Spring, MD  20910).
  • Each registrant will receive a registration confirmation email once processed.
  • Does NOT apply to student registrations. (Student registration rates are already 50% off professional registration rates.)
  • Does not apply to any other non-professional registration category or combination.
  • Do not register online if you plan to take advantage of this discount.
OPTION 3 – Discount on Multiple Registrations from the SAME Organization or Institution
  • $60 off each professional registration when 3 or more registrants register together.
  • Must register all attendees at the same time and be processed with a single form of payment.
  • Return forms via email ( mail to (AMTA, 8455 Colesville Road, Suite 1000, Silver Spring, MD  20910), or fax (301-589-5175.) 
  • Professional member/professional non-member registration only.  Does not apply to student registrations.
  • Do not register online if you plan to take advantage of this discount.
OPTION 4 – You Can Support an AMTA Student Attending Conference!

Professionals may make a donation of any amount to support stipends for students attending the conference.  AMTA will provide a sign-up sheet for students to register for stipend consideration. The donated pool of money will be disbursed in $50 increments per student on a first-come, first-served basis until funds are exhausted. 

  • Each stipend is limited to $50 per person, to allow as many students to benefit as possible.
  • If awarded, the student may opt to use the stipend to apply toward their conference registration fee OR use it toward 2022 student membership dues (currently $95).
  • The donor may contribute any amount to support students. A minimum of $50 is preferred, but not required.
  • Proof of full-time college student status will be required before funds are approved (a dated student ID, or a copy of Fall 2021 class schedule may be emailed to when signing up for the student support benefit)
  • Donations will be accepted through September 30th
  • Stipends cannot be applied retroactively
Click here to donate and support a deserving student!
Students: Click here to sign up for the first-come, first-served stipend




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