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3rd Music Therapy Social Media Advocacy Month Concludes

February 13, 2013 12:06 PM

Press Release: 2013 Social Media Advocacy Project

SM-Advocacy-Badge-2012-e1325611932440In January 2013, the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) and Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT)—with the help of 4 dozen music therapy bloggers and podcasters—successfully spread the word about music therapy advocacy and government relations through the social media airwaves.
Throughout the month, music therapy bloggers and podcasters shared their thoughts, ideas, and questions about what it means to be a music therapy advocate, what the State Recognition Operational Plan entails, the importance of storytelling in the advocacy process, and how you can be involved.
We are excited to announce that a total of 48 bloggers and podcasters participated in this project, publishing a total of 71 posts, including 7 podcast episodes, 5 advocacy music videos, and 2 infographics! In addition, we were thrilled to have 19 blogs and podcasts join this project for the first time this year, as well as 2 university blogs. The participating blogs are listed below, with links to the article(s) they published. We invite you to browse through the articles and share them with your friends and colleagues: the practice room. A Music Therapy Blog (Tania Cordobes)
Music Therapy Advocacy - "Who Is the Music Therapist?"
Access Music Therapy Services (Jody St. George)
Music Therapy Advocacy Month
BackMountain Music Therapy (Antoinette Morrison)
Music Therapy Advocacy Month, Changing a Life
G​uest Post: How Music Can Be Therapeutic to Kids with Special Needs
Why I Love Music Therapy
Bill Matney
Music Therapy Advocacy: In An Authentic Voice
CODA Music Therapy Services (Kellee Coviak Hansen)
#MTAdvocacy in Michigan
Developing Melodies (Meryl Brown)
Connections: The Music We Choose
Heartbeat Music Therapy/The Music Therapy Show podcast (Janice Lindstrom)
Heartbeat Music Therapy
Social Media Advocacy Month: Universal Musicare
Social Media Advocacy Month: Creating Music Therapists
Helping Harmonies (Noa Elimelech)
Music Therapy in the Schools: Making Your Presence Known
Key Changes Music Therapy (Natalie Mullis)
How Can I Find a Music Therapist? Regina Spektor Style
Listen and Learn Music (Rachel Rambach)
You, Me, and Music Therapy
Music Makes Sense (Daniel Tague)
The Effect of the Affordable Care Act on MT: A Call for Advocacy
Music Matters (Kate Legge)
Picture It! A Visual of Music Therapy Advocacy
Music Moves (Natasha Thomas)
The Space Between: CONNECTing Music Therapy and Music Ed
Music Sparks (JoAnn Jordan)
Music Therapy: Dreams, Connections, Advocacy
Music Therapy = Love (Ashley Lundquist)
What is MT? "Trouble" Music Video
Music Therapy Annex (Megan Resig)
Lady Gaga, Advocacy, and a Music Therapy Mash-Up!
We #LoveMusicTherapy in Western New York!
Music Therapy Ed (Kat Fulton)
Why Do You Love Music Therapy?
Music Therapy Ideas (Connie Cheila Huettner)
Learning From My Clients (Part 1)
Music Therapy Advocacy: "Part of Your World"
Music Therapy in Thailand (Dena Register)
Music Therapy Advocacy Abroad
Music Therapy Maven (Kimberly Sena Moore)
How You Can Get Involved in Music Therapy Social Media Advocacy Month
Why Do You #LoveMusicTherapy?
21 Reasons Why I #LoveMusicTherapy
Music Therapy Moves (Hilary Yip)
Music Therapy Advocacy: Share a Story
Parent Education: Benefits of Integrating Music Into the School Day
Music Therapy Musings (Emily Keeling)
What I Have Done with Music Therapy
Advocacy: The Student Edition
Music Therapy Research Blog (Blythe Lagasse)
Advocacy, Research, and Music Therapy
Music Therapy Round Table Podcast (Michelle Erfurt, Rachel Rambach, and Kimberly Sena Moore)
The Power of Storytelling
Music Therapy Source (Matt Logan)
Music Therapy Advocacy in 2013
Music Therapy Tween (Michelle Erfurt)
SM Advocacy Month
Musically Thinking (Megumi Azekawa)
Connecting and Wiring
On the Go Studio (Megan Resig and Wade Richards)
Episode 1: January
Rehabilitative Rhythms (Sarah Thompson)
Telling Stories: Music Therapy Advocacy
Rhythm For Good (Kat Fulton)
What is Muse Therapy? er, I mean Music Therapy?
Roots and Wings Music Therapy (Stacey Hargis)
Q&A: Question and Advocate
Slippery Rock University Music Therapy Program (Nicole Hahna and the SRU music therapy students)
Post from the President: Advancing our Advocacy in 2013
Soundscape Music Therapy (Rachelle Norman)
Do You NEED A Music Therapist?
St. Mary-in-the-Woods College Music Therapy Program (Sharon Boyle)
An Educator's Perspective on Advocacy: My Music Therapy Journey
Advocacy Through Teaching: An Educator's Perspective
The Adventures of Runner Girl (Michelle Kennemer)
Don't Quit Your Day Job: A Music Whaaaat??
The GeorgeCenter (Jamie George, Andrew Littlefield, Andrea Johnson, Laurie Peebles, Tasia Dockery, and The George Center staff)
[INFOGRAPHIC] The Reach of Music Therapy
Music Therapy Advocacy Music Video
What if Music Therapy Went Viral?
The Zen of Music Therapy Advocacy: The Circle of Advocating
Finding a Connection
Communicate to Advocate
The Groovy Garfoose (Bonnie Hayhurst)
#lovemusictherapy: Advocacy in 2013
The Mindful Music Therapist (Roia Rafieyan)
What's Your Story? 2013 Social Media Advocacy Month
The Music Therapy Diva (Katelyn Farris)
Music Therapy Advocacy…and Beauty Pageants?
The Musical Autist (CJ Shiloh)
Dovetailing Neurodiversity and Music Therapy Advocacy
Advocating for Music Therapy
Advocating for Community Music Therapy
Announcing the Community Music Therapy Team
The Rhythm Tree (Ryan Judd)
[Video] A Parent's Perspective on MT
The Rhythmic Mind (Stephanie Scheffel)
#Lovemusictherapy in the Public Schools
#LoveMusicTherapy In Action
Time for Music (Wade Richards)
Social Advocacy Month
Toneworks Music Therapy Services (Andrea Yun-Springer)
2013 Music Therapy Social Media Advocacy Month
Tuneful Learning (Kathy Schumacher)
Celebrating Music Therapy
Making Connections
Unstrange Mind
Drumming as Self-Therapy
Urban Therapists (Andrea and Tyler)
Episode 2
Wholesome Harmonies, LLC (Amy Kalas)
A Month for Music Therapy Advocacy
Music Therapy Builds Connections


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