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AMTA's 2nd Advocacy in Social Media Project

February 7, 2012 09:58 AM

Press Release: 2012 Social Media Advocacy project

SM-Advocacy-Badge-2012-e1325611932440In January 2012, the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) and Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT) successfully spread the word about music therapy advocacy and government relations through the social media airwaves.

Throughout the month, music therapy bloggers and podcasters shared their thoughts, ideas, and questions about what it means to be a music therapy advocate, what the State Recognition Operational Plan entails, and how you can be involved.

We are excited to announce that a total of 40 bloggers and podcasters participated in this project, publishing a total of 50 articles, 5 podcast episodes, and 3 advocacy videos! The participating blogs are listed below, with links to the article(s) they published. We invite you to browse through the articles and share them with your friends and colleagues.

All Things Healing
My Journey as a Music Therapy Advocate (Melinda Wilson)​Therapy-Sound-Healing/My-Journey-as-a-Music-Therapy-Advocate/10319
Social Media: Yesterday and Today (Rebecca McClary)<​/div>
What’s Your Advocacy Style? (Bernice Chu)
Beyond the Music MT (Michelle Strutzel)
Join the Growing MT Advocacy Movement
Bill Matney
Engaging in Music Therapy Advocacy: What It Has Brought Us and What It May Mean to Us​-and-what-it-may-mean-for-us
Connecticut Music Therapy Services (Jennifer Sokira)
Advocacy --> Recognition --> Access
Developing Melodies (Meryl Brown)
Before We Teach Others, We Must Teach Our Future
Do It In Public: A Jim Ernst Project
Advocacy and You: Facebook
Advocacy and You: Twitter
Advocacy and You: LinkedIn/Google+
Dr. John Carpente’s Music and Child Development Blog
Parent’s Can Sing, Too! Music Therapy Advocacy from Experiencing It...
Eclectic Guitar (Sara Sendlbeck)
It’s Advocacy Month!
Student Advocacy Thoughts
Advocacy Edition! (podcast)
Music Therapy Advocacy Month (video)
Judith Pinkerton (self)
Nevada Music Therapy Licensure Journey: A 4-Part Series
Music Therapy Advocacy
Key Changes Music Therapy (Natalie Mullis)
How to Help Make Music Therapy Available to All
MTI in the ATL (Andrew Littlefield)
A Salute to Non-Therapist Advocates​es.html
KNV Music Therapy (Kristin Veveto)
Music Therapy Advocacy Month
Listen and Learn Music (Rachel Rambach)
Advocacy Comes in Many Flavors
Mind-Full Music Therapy Services (Debi Kret-Melton)
Music Therapy Advocacy Month
Mundana Music Therapy (Megan Resig)
Government Relations for the New Professional
Music 4 Life podcast (Judith Pinkerton)
Nevada Music Therapy Licensure with Sen. Mo Denis (6/17)
Music Makes Sense (Daniel Tague)
Top 5 Ways to Advocate for Music Therapy in Your Workplace
Music Matters (Kate Legge)
a-d-v-o-c-a-t-e...on YouTube
7 Thoughts of an Advocacy "In-between-er"
Music Moves (Natasha Thomas)
Music Therapy Advocacy: The Little Things That Count
Music Sparks (JoAnn Jordan)
Advocate: Come Join Me in the Hammock!
Music Therapy Equals Love (Ashley Lundquist)
Music Therapy Advocacy Month!
Music Therapy Maven (Kimberly Sena Moore)
Top Music Therapy Trends of 2012: A Wishlist
The Music Therapist’s Guide to State Recognition
Top 10 Times You’re an Advocate and You Don’t Even Know It​ow-it/
Music Therapy Research Blog Podcast (Andrew Knight and Dr. Blythe Lagasse)
Advocacy --> Recognition --> Access
Music Therapy Round Table Podcast (Michelle Erfurt, Rachel Rambach, Kimberly Sena Moore)
How to Be a Passionate Advocate
Music Therapy Services of Austin (Rachel See Smith)
Music Therapy Advocacy Month
Music Therapy Source (Matt Logan)
Can I Tell You a Story?
Music Therapy Tween (Michelle Erfurt)
Advocacy Fatigue
The Forgotten Advocacy Group
Musically Thinking (Megumi Azekawa)
Speak Out for your Passion
Plant MT Advocacy Seeds for the Future
Prelude (Annie Walljasper)
January is for Music Therapy
Rhythm For Good (Kat Fulton)
Paying Homage to Music Therapy
Soundscape Music Therapy (Rachelle Norman)
The State of Music Therapy in Missouri
The State of Music Therapy in Kansas
The Groovy Garfoose (Bonnie Hayhurst)
Music Therapy Advocacy 2012
The Mindful Music Therapist (Roia Rafieyan)
Music Therapy Advocacy Month: Our Most Powerful Advocates
The Music From Within (Dean Quick)
Advocacy and Self-Exploration
The Music Therapy Show with Janice Lindstrom
Music Therapy Advocacy Month
The Musical Autist (CJ Diachenko)
Advocating for Music Therapy
The Rhythmic Mind (Stephanie Scheffel)
Music Therapy Advocacy: A 3-Part Series
Time for Music (Wade Richards)
Music Therapy Advocacy for the Right-Brained Music Therapist
Wholesome Harmonies Music Therapy! (Amy Kalas)
Advocacy Is For Everyone!


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