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Board Seated and Committee Appointments

February 23, 2016 07:06 AM

Your 2016-17 Board of Directors Are:

  • President: Jennifer Geiger
  • Past President: Amy Furman
  • President Elect: Amber Weldon-Stephens
  • Vice President: Jean Nemeth
  • Vice President Elect: Kristen O'Grady
  • Speaker of the Assembly: Angie Snell
  • Assistant Speaker: Michael Silverman
  • Delegate Representative: Debbie Bates
  • Delegate Representative: Tracy Richardson
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Alicia Clair
  • Parliamentarian/Historian: Bryan Hunter
  • Regional President Rep: Debbie Benkovitz
  • Council Coordinator for Association Serivces: Annette Whitehead-Pleaux
  • Council Coordinator for Education & Training: Ed Kahler
  • Council Coordinator for Professional Practices: Nicole Hahna

And Your 2016-17 Committee & Additional Board Leaders Are:

  • Affiliate Relations: Meganne Masko
  • Clinical Practice Networking: Claire Ghetti
  • Diversity & Multiculturalism: Melita Belgrave & Seung-A Kim
  • International Relations: Flossie Ierardi
  • Membership: Patina Jackson & Angie Elkins
  • Professional Advocacy: Emily Bevelacqua & Leslie Henry
  • Workforce Development & Retention: Gretchen Chardos Benner & Kyle Wilhelm
  • Academic Program Approval: Kamile Geist & Christine Leist
  • Association Internship Approval: Lauren DiMaio & Eve Montague
  • Continuing Education: Laurie Keough & Tracy Leonard-Warner
  • Government Relations Committee: Judy Simpson & Rebecca Preddie
  • Reimbursement Committee: Judy Simpson & Rebecca Preddie
  • Standards of Clinical Practice: Ellary Draper
  • Technology Committee: Kristin Veteto
  • Research Committee: Deb Burns & Cindy Colwell     

Additional Board Leaders:          

  • Education & Training Advisory: Beth Schwartz
  • Ethics: Betsey King & Carol Schultis
  • Judicial Review: Julie Andring
  • Student Affairs Advisory: Jeffrey Wolfe (2016-2019)


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