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Historic Dues Structure Changes

December 29, 2023 02:00 PM
In 2023, the AMTA Board of Directors, Membership Committee, and Assembly of Delegates worked collaboratively to lower membership rates for music therapy students and retired music therapists as well as create a tier-based membership model for professional music therapists.
Starting in 2024, student and retired members will pay new, lower flat rates for membership (see below). Professional membership dues will be based on a tiered dues structure rooted in equity that considers intersections and identities, specific life circumstances, and career stage. (See below for more details.)
The following information will describe 2024 AMTA membership rates and how to become a member in the American Music Therapy Association.
2024 Membership Rates
Affiliate: $350
Associate: $250
Graduate Student: $60
Inactive: $50
Patron: $650
Professional: Tier One $150 / Tier Two $200 / Tier Three $250
Retired $100
Student $60
Equity-based Tier Selection Guide:
The tier-based dues structure is a model rooted in equitable practices, encouraging the joining member to use discernment of their unique situation when selecting a membership category.
Members will be asked to select one of the following tiers:
Tier One at the rate of $150 if you are struggling to meet basic needs and have minimal expendable income.
Tier Two at the rate of $200 if you are able to meet basic needs and have some expendable income.
Tier Three at the rate of $250 if you comfortably meet basic needs and have ample expendable income.
When determining the tier that fits your unique situation, in addition to considering your ability to meet basic needs and expendable income, the examples below may further guide your discernment.
Select Tier One or Tier Two, depending on how these identities and life experiences apply to you:
  • · Have dependents.
  • · Receive public assistance.
  • · Have $0 savings.
  • · Are formerly incarcerated.
  • · Have less money because of abuse.
  • · Have immigration related expenses.
  • · Have significant debt and/or student loans.
  • · Have a chronic illness or disability that impacts your ability to earn income.
  • · Are unable to access healthcare.
  • · Are an elder with limited resources.
  • · Are part of an historically and systemically marginalized community.
Select Tier Two or Tier Three, depending on how these identities and life experiences apply to you:
  • · Pay another practitioner’s full price.
  • · Have few or no dependents.
  • · Have savings, investments, inherited money and/or retirement accounts.
  • · Own a home or rent by choice.
  • · Own other property.
  • · Travel recreationally.
  • · Have access to family money and resources in times of need.
  • · Work part time by choice.
  • · Are able to access healthcare.
  • · Have earning power from college degrees, able-bodiedness, race, gender, social networks, family connections.
  • · Are full-time faculty with university support for continuing education.
How to become a member:
· Navigate to the following link:


How to select an installment plan:

  • · Installments for all three tiers are available.
  • · This option is only available to Professional Membership only. For student options, please contact the AMTA national office.
  • · Professional dues may be paid in 2 installments – for your convenience.
  • · You can initiate installment payments for Professional Membership in the AMTA Online Store between January 1 and March 31 (Midnight Easter Time).
  • · As you check out, you must check the “Pay Installment Amount” box on the checkout page where you enter your credit card information.
  • · For this service, there is a nominal per transaction processing fee for additional costs incurred from additional staff and consultant time to initiate installment plan.
  • · The entire amount (both payments) must be completed and paid in full no later than August 30 of the same membership year.
  • · Membership and online access will be revoked if agreed-upon payments are not completed in full by the deadline.
  • · Those who do not complete the agreed upon payments by the deadline will not be eligible to vote in AMTA end-of-year elections.
  • · Failure to complete agreed-upon payments will result in loss of payment plan privileges in the future.




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