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Music Therapists, Help Us Thank Dr. Sacks

March 23, 2015 12:44 PM


As you know, the music therapy community is deeply indebted to Dr. Oliver Sacks for his research, books, and numerous appearances around the world.  His body of work highlights the science behind music therapy and helps shine a light on the important work of board certified music therapists.

We want to thank Dr. Sacks for his ardent support of music therapy over many, many years.  So we are asking for your help.  AMTA is compiling a keepsake CD for Oliver that contains messages from his music therapy friends—please feel free to call the number below and express yourself in words, music, or songs.  These messages can be stories or anecdotes, or descriptions of ways in which his work has touched you or your clients.  We want to celebrate Oliver and thank him for all his support and advocacy for the music therapy profession!

The opportunity to record a message will be open for two weeks. Afterward, we’ll put all of your comments together on a CD and present them to Dr. Sacks as music therapy’s Thank You for Everything! 

Thanks in advance for helping us honor the legacy of Dr. Oliver Sacks, and don't forget to say who you are at the beginning of the recording!  If you’d like more tips about what to say, please visit and click on the “CALLER TIPS” link towards the top right.

Here’s how to record your message:

  •  Call LifeOnRecord, 1-800-606-0697 by – April 6, 2015.
  • When prompted, enter your Invitation Number: 14821
  • Record your message after the tone. When finished you can either hang up or press the # key. If you press the # key you’ll be given options to listen to your recording, accept your recording, or re-record it.

 Please leave your brief 1-2 minute recording, and feel free to forward this onto others so that they can contribute to the keepsake as well.  Callers outside of the US and Canada can reference this link for dialing instructions:

This is planned as a surprise, so please use your discretion.

Thank you for helping to make this a wonderful gift!

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