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Support Music Therapy By #MTfrundraising!

July 18, 2013 09:38 AM

Last year, AMTA members Michelle Kennemer and Andrew Knight raised over $3000 through for AMTA by running the Chicago Marathon days before the St. Charles, Illinois AMTA conference.

Now it's your turn to get involved-but you certainly don't have to run a marathon! Interested in getting a free AMTA publication? What about a FREE 2014 AMTA membership?

Be part of a first-of-its-kind nationwide fundraiser for AMTA! We're looking for people who want to raise money for AMTA by doing whatever it is you like to do, whether it is running, other sports, knitting, eating (!), or playing gigs.

Here's how it works: Set up an account at with AMTA as the nonprofit of your choice. Write a little blurb about what you are planning do on the page will set up for you -- maybe a particular feat or series of events. Then publicize it. Tweet about it with the hashtag #mtfrundraising. Find family, friends, and others in your social media circles to donate to AMTA to support you. Send a request to Michelle or Andrew to join the "Music Therapy Frunners" Facebook group and get all sorts of ideas on how to run a great fundraising event to meet your goals!

Be one of the first 30 to set up a page with $20 in it by August 1st EXTENDED TO AUGUST 15th (we have room for a few more!) and receive a shirt with the AMTA logo on it. Anyone who raises $500 by the conference in Jacksonville will receive a free AMTA publication—you can even pick it up at the conference! For the superstar fundraisers who raise over $1000, you will receive a FREE 2014 AMTA membership! Haven't fundraised before? Set a goal of $500 to start and think about how to explain to others the importance of your association to your clinical work. Advocacy and fundraising all wrapped up together!

So sign up on the website, send questions to Michelle Kennemer on twitter @rnrgrltx or Andrew Knight@knightmtbc or email We look forward to supporting you with fundraising ideas, encouragement, and more!



Join those who have started #MTfrundraising so far!



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