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Thanks for Donating to the AMTA Archive Project

February 3, 2014 01:27 PM
Thanks to everyone for a successful campaign, raising funds for the AMTA archives!
In two months' time, we raised nearly $4500.  Funds will be used to digitize photos and documents in the AMTA Archive, transferring old mode format audio and video recordings to digital format, and to create an on-line registry of the archive. The AMTA Archive is there not only to preserve our past, but also to ensure and inform our present and future.
A virtual drum roll please!
Here is the list of the winners of fabulous prizes!
  • Sharon Boyle won a AMTA item
  • Alison Etter won Music Technology in Therapeutics and Health Settings
  • Yu-Ching Chen, Faith Halverson-Ramos, and Mimi Sinclair won books from the AMTA Bookstore
  • Rehabilitative Rhythms Music Therapy won Guidelines for Music Therapy Practice in Pediatric Care
  • Christine Neugebauer won an E-course from AMTA
The AMTA Board and staff, along with campaign chairs, Blythe LaGasse and Annette Whitehead-Pleaux would like to thank everyone who has donated to the project.

Thank you to:

Aksana Kavaliova
Claire Ghetti
Tina Haynes
Alison Etter
Carol Ann Blank
Carol Shultis
Eve Montague
James Hiller
Chanel Nakamura
Lindsey Holmes
Mary Stryck
Yu-Ching Chen
Amber Weldon-Stephens
Nancy Swanson
Mary Altom
Natalie McClune
Ronna Kaplan
Amy Furman
Faith Halverson-Ramos
WB Music Therapy
Mimi Sinclair
Kara Groen
Sarah Johnson
Christine Korb
Derlin Hsu
Mica Trupiano
Kathleen Marsh
Megumi Azekawa
Andrew Knight
Susan Bock
Kirsten Meyer
Anita Gadberry
Bosse Linda A.
Bumanis Al
Galerstein Nina S.
Leslie A. Henry
Henry Leslie A.
Lynne F. Hockenbury
Marcia E. Humpal
Bryan C. Hunter
Jennifer D. Jones
Allison Kerr
Midwestern Region of AMTA
Alden Rockwell Murphy
Jean M. Nemeth
Gretchen Patti
Marilyn I. Sandness
Jennifer Sokira
Dorothy A. Stapleton
Angela C. Vrbanac-Libby
Western Region of AMTA
Mary Ellen Wylie
Wylie Mary Ellen
Elizabeth York
Rehabilitative Rhythms Music Therapy
Kimberly Bell
Minda Gordon
Julie Palmieri
Becky Wellman
Tracy Richardson
Sharon Boyle
Michael J. Silverman
Susan Phillips
Annette Whitehead-Pleaux
Wendy L Magee
Meganne Masko
Florence Ierardi
Kari O'Briant
Emily Olschki
Heather Wagner
Leslie Meadows
June Pulliam
Christine Neugebauer
Michael Whitehead
Mary Ellen Wylie
Bill Davis
Barbara Else
Ashlee Burgener
Roya Rafieyan
Blythe LaGasse
Ellen Rayfield
Melissa Cook
Huan-Yu Winnie Chen
Corinne Richards
Nicholas Conley
Leah Oswanski
Sister Mariam Pfeifer
Judith Pinkerton
Lee Morris
Jennifer Swanson
Rebecca McClary
Naomi Ritter-Cantesan
Barbara Wheeler
Blake Wilson
Alysha Suley
Cynthia Long
Erin Todd
Laura Star Pruett
Music Therapy Association of Minnesota
Beth Mosko
Jen Spivey
Deborah Benkovitz
Eve Montague
Kimberly Sena Moore
Tamara Zavislan
Carol Winstead
Larisa McHugh
Rachelle Norman
Christine Routhier
Claire Cavoto
and Anonymous who donated several times.
Thanks also to all those who donated prizes, including the AMTA Bookstore,, and Summit Music Therapy as well as individuals who donated the books.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

- Helen Keller



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