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January 28, 2015 10:52 AM

Coming Attractions for Journal of Music Therapy

JMTcoverThe Journal of Music Therapy is a forum for authoritative articles of current music therapy research and theory.  The journal seeks to advance research, theory, and practice in music therapy through dissemination of scholarly work. In recent years, the journal has published feature articles focused on advancing research methodology and knowledge synthesis, as well as a wide range of peer-reviewed articles on topics related to music therapy education, interventions, and practice.  Methodological articles have discussed grounded theory, epistemology, mixed methods, randomized controlled trials, single case designs, and pilot studies. Articles focused on knowledge synthesis have examined the use of theory to guide music selection and a neuroplasticity model for music therapy.

Some of the feature and peer-review articles you can anticipate this year include:

  • methodological articles on arts-based research, historical research, and theory-based research

  • knowledge synthesis articles including a systematic review of music therapy/music-based procedural support interventions,  and methods for interprofessional education

In 2015, Issue 1 you can look forward to peer-reviewed articles that examine:

  • music perception and musical communication in children with cochlear implants and autism

  • perceived barriers to research utilization

  • music therapy for symptom management in cancer care

  • treatment motivation in patients on a detoxification unit

Coming Attractions for Music Therapy Perspectives


As the clinician's journal, Music Therapy Perspectives has taken a number of initiatives over the last year that link research and clinical practice.

This includes the use of audio and video embedded in articles, publication of research summaries and student research awards, and ongoing focus areas, which have included music and neuroscience research, technology, and developments in Nordoff-Robbins practice.

This year the journal will:

  • focus on the links between theory and practice through three substantive articles (volume 1) linked together thematically

  • draw together qualitative and quantitative research advancing music therapy practices in mental health, discussing implications for clinical practice (volume 2)

  • include articles on the iso principle, advocacy and music skills development (volume 1)

  • begin "letters to the editor", providing a forum for dialogue in the field

Both journals provide:

  • access to all articles online

  • pre-release notification through TOC updates

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