Benefits of Membership in AMTA

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AMTA Rocks

Last year, AMTA members were asked to tell us on Twitter and Facebook why their membership in AMTA Rocks! Here are some of their answers.

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AMTA Members Rock

AMTA Members work together to build a strong future for the music therapy profession. Together we stand proud!

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The AMTA Family Rocks

AMTA members, volunteers, staff, officers, and music therapists everywhere work together to advocate for the music therapy profession and support music therapists.

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AMTA Resources Rock

AMTA members enjoy discounts and resources that help them succeed in their practice of music therapy and, in turn, provide quality music therapy services to those who need them.

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AMTA Advocates Rock

Celebrity artists, bestselling books and major motion pictures have featured music therapy. More people learn about music therapy each year as its members stand together and help to educate the public about its benefits.

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AMTA Networking Rocks

AMTA events and meetings help music therapy professionals to learn, gain valuable continuing education and grow to become even better music therapists.

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AMTA Connections Rock

Music therapists from around the country come together to share their passion for the profession. Students, Interns, New and Seasoned Professionals... all benefit from the work AMTA members do together.

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AMTA Support Rocks

AMTA members encourage each other, lift each other up when needed and support each other in both good times and bad.

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AMTA People Rock

Because AMTA is its members... and its members are great!

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Join AMTA today!

Join today for the 2014 calendar year. Just click on the "Join AMTA" button to the left to start receiving your member benefits on January 1. Stand with us to make AMTA rock!

To join AMTA:
  • Go to the Online store,
  • Login with your email address and password
  • Under "Shop for" choose "Membership" and click the "Go" button.
  • Choose the appropriate membership type and add it to your shopping cart
  • Click "check out" and follow the instructions you'll see.
If you want to mail in a payment:
  • Print and fill out the 2014 AMTA Membership Form
  • Mail it in with your payment to:  AMTA, 8455 Colesville Rd., Ste. 1000; Silver Spring, MD 20910
If you have questions or want to pay by phone:
  • Call the AMTA national office at 301-589-3300 and staff will be happy to help you!
Benefits of Membership total over $3300 per year.  Definintely worth the cost! 
Call to Action:  Bring a Member With You!
You can download and print out the graphic below  to share it with friends and colleagues, supervisors, or administrators at your convenience. Let them know why AMTA Membership is important to your success as a music therapist!  You may also feel free to download and share the  PowerPoint version of the AMTA Membership Committee's Membership Rocks slideshow (above) and share it with non-member friends and colleagues. Let them know why AMTA Rocks!


AMTA Membership Categories

AMTA Member Benefits:

AMTA Expands the scope of music therapy

AMTA Members enjoy a wealth of benefits as a part of their membership, but perhaps the most important benefit of membership in AMTA is  supporting an organization that provides a national voice for music therapy. AMTA reminds the public about the importance of the work you do. Your membership ensures that publications, public education, research, technical assistance and training necessary to increase awareness of the benefits of music therapy and increase access to quality music therapy services continue.

In addition, members also enjoy:

  • Journal of Music Therapy (quarterly journal)
  • Music Therapy Perspectives (bi-annual journal)
  • Music Therapy Matters (quarterly online newsletter)
  • Music Therapy Enews (monthly/periodic e-newsletter)
  • AMTA literature (fact sheets, research bibliographies, standards of practice, and mailings of professional interest)
  • Archived issues of newsletters
  • Public education materials
  • Journal article reprints and research compilations
  • Members-only publications
  • Referrals: approximately 100 music therapy referral lists per month provided to consumers seeking music therapy services - member music therapists appear on these lists
  • Access to AMTA's Members Only pages
  • AMTA's job center which contains job listings and help in finding a job or improving your employment
  • On-line continuing education through podcasts
  • Access to national experts in music therapy
  • Insurance, including professional liability, health, dental, life, accident, long term care and disability, and Medicare supplement can be purchased through Healthcare Providers Service Organizations (HPSO)
  • Royalty free music to download and use in your music therapy practice
  • Reimbursement information and support
  • Standards of Clinical Practice applications
  • Private practice education and support
  • Sample contracting and sub-contracting agreements
  • Population-specific research
  • Assistance with employment issues
  • Grant funding resources and grant writing support
  • Support with copyright issues
  • Responding to misrepresentation of music therapy
  • Supportive documentation and research for consumers
  • Guidance and materials for employers offering music therapy services
  • Legislative and regulatory research, letter writing and draft legislative and/or regulatory language and creation of situation specific PR materials
  • Presentation guidance and materials
  • Approval of music therapy degree programs and internship sites
Scholarships and Grants
  • AMTA Clinician-Based Grant Program
  • Arthur Flagler Fultz Research Award
  • Sean McGrath Intern Scholarship
  • F. Tyson Grant to Study Music Psychotherapy
  • E. Thayer Gaston Writing Competition
  • E. E. Dick Scholarship for Music Therapy Interns
  • Brian and Cathy Smith Memorial Fund
  • AMTA Conference Scholar
  • A. E. Kyllo Professional Scholarship
  • The largest gathering of music therapists each year at the AMTA annual conference
  • Regional conferences
  • Continuing education courses, institutes, and special trainings
Nationwide Advocacy
  • Capitol Hill presence - government relations activities including monitoring of legislation and regulations related to health and education
  • State recognition operational plan - guidance provided to state task forces in relation to local legislation and regulations
  • Promotion of recognition and reimbursement of music therapy services by third party payers
  • National liaison with related professional organizations for recognition and promotion of music therapy
  • Full time government relations staff members to answer questions
  • Communication with federal and state agencies for recognition of music therapy
  • Education, advocacy training, and marketing tools for music therapists
  • Free public relations and marketing resources for state advocacy efforts
  • Input into standard development with Joint Commission and CARF
  • Monitoring of White House and Government policies and communication of AMTA priorities to federal officials
  • Communicate successful coding and documentation procedures with third party payers 
  • Up to $150 off your first year membership and professional expenses by submitting a Welcome to the Profession Packet request form: discounted membership, conference AND product
  • AMTA E-courses, over 30% discount for these online continuing education opportunities (over 60% discount for student members)
  • Discounts on over fifty AMTA products and publications
  • Free continuing education courses
  • Free institutes
  • Discounted public education materials and resources
  • Discounted registration fees for AMTA national conference, regional conferences, and continuing education opportunities
  • With free regional membership, opportunities abound to stay in touch with other music therapists in your area. Members enjoy:
    • regional newsletters
    • regional conference discounts
    • online member directory
    • regional and state task forces
    • yearly meetings at the regional and national level
    • and a large, professional network
Leadership Opportunities
  • Members of AMTA make a difference in their profession by: 
    • holding office
    • serving on committees
    • serving on task forces
    • volunteering at conferences
    • speaking to media representatives
    • voting in general elections

Patron Membership in AMTA - additional benefits

By becoming a Patron member of AMTA, your organization helps to strengthen the partnership between the music therapy community and the music industry, opening new markets and creating new music makers, and facilitating the flow of information about music therapy and its benefits to the general public.

Patron Membership - $650 per year

In addition, Patron members enjoy the following membership benefits:

  • Annual subscriptions to AMTA Journals and Newsletters
  • Patron member listing in AMTA Online Directory (with website & social media contacts if desired)
  • Regional Newsletters
  • One free half page ad in the publication of your choice
  • All other advertising at 25% discount
  • Mailing labels and lists at member rate - 50% discount
  • ENews advertising at 50% discount
  • 10% discount on exhibit booth space at conference
  • Discounted advertising in AMTA conference program
Additional Patron Benefits

Crescendo Patron - $1,200 per year

  • 20% discount on exhibit booth space at conference
  • Discounted advertising in AMTA conference program
  • Mailing labels at regional rate
  • Crescendo Patron Member certificate

Virtuoso Patron Benefits - $2,500 per year

  • 30% discount on exhibit booth space at conference
  • Discounted advertising in AMTA conference program
  • One free full page add in the AMTA publication of your choice
  • One set of membership mailing labels at no charge. All other labels at regional rate

Affiliate Membership in AMTA - additional benefits

The Affiliate member category is a special recognition given to collegiate facilities, schools and institutions.

  • 5% discount on conference exhibit booth space
  • Mailing labels and lists at the member rate - 50% discount
  • Affiliate listing in the AMTA Online Directory (with website & social media contacts if desired)
  • One free quarter page ad in the AMTA publication of your choice
  • ENews Advertising at 50% discount
  • All other advertising at 5% discount

Educational Affiliate Membership in AMTA

The Educational Affiliate designation is a special class of the Affiliate Member category available to schools and faciltiies offering AMTA-approved programs in music therapy.  Educational Affiliate members not only support the mission of AMTA, but also receive special recognition as a supporter of music therapy.  In addition to Affiliate member benefits above, Educational Affiliate Members rece

  • One free half page ad in the AMTA publication of your choice
  • One free ad in Music Therapy ENews