One of the ways that AMTA is able to support our mission to advance public awareness, and increase access to music therapy services, is through bookstore sales. AMTA publishes and sells a variety of books, textbooks, media, e-courses and products. The AMTA bookstore will allow you to “Shop for” most of our products or services that require a payment transaction.

In This Section:

AMTA Bookstore Policies

We strive to provide the fastest, most cost efficient delivery of your online purchases. Please be advised that order timelines are based on business days - once your order has been placed, please allow at least 4 business days for your order to be processed (BEFORE it is shipped.) If you wish to request a rushed delivery ($10 rush fee), please call the office (301-589-3300) or email

FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS, please be advised that Overnight, 2-day and 3-day services are not available.  All international shipments will be delivered via US Postal Service (Priority Mail). For all international requests, please contact the office directly at (or call 301-589-3300) before purchasing.


Because AMTA is a very small association and not a publisher, we only offer a small selection of specialized books for sale.  We do not accept books returned due to excess, overstock or surplus.  Please try to order in appropriate quantities.  Requests to return overstocked books will be denied.

Damaged books or books from orders that were filled incorrectly by AMTA may be returned with prior authorization.  Please contact the AMTA national office at 301-589-3300 for permission to do so and instructions on procedure for returning books.  Books returned without prior authorization will not be considered for credit.  Requests to return must be submitted within 3 months of the purchase date.


Electronic copies of AMTA publications can be made available for those who need an accommodation for a visual impairment or other disability (purchase of the book is required). Please call the AMTA office (301-589-3300) if you would like to inquire about the electronic availability of a particular publication you have purchased.  Please feel free to contact the AMTA office at 301-589-3300 and we’ll be happy to help you over the phone.