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COVID-19 resources for music therapy education, clinical training, and more can be found in the COVID-19 resource pages.  Check out the Table of Contents and specifically this page for music therapy faculty and internship directors.


Clinical Training in Music Therapy - National Roster of Internship Programs

The AMTA National Roster of Internship Programs is a systematically organized reference designed to assist music therapy students in selecting and acquiring appropriate internships after university education. In this handbook, each facility offering a music therapy internship program is identified, and basic information is presented about the agency, its music therapy department, and specific internship requirements and opportunities. The information is collected and compiled by the AMTA National Office staff. They would like to express their appreciation to the Internship Directors who were so cooperative in supplying information to complete the Handbook. Their assistance helped make the task of compiling this vast amount of information feasible.

Application to Become a National Roster Internship Site

This file contains the National Roster Internship Application and related documents to assist you in applying for a National Roster Internship program. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your regional representative to the Association Internship Approval Committee or email Please download both of the following documents:

Applying to offer an AMTA-Approved Degree Program at Your University

You will need the Policies and Procedures for AMTA Academic Program Approval document, applications for bachelors and/or masters degree programs, as well as related documents to assist with the application process.  See the bulleted list below.

A non-refundable application fee of $3,500 is required. Payment must be received at the time of submission or the application cannot be processed.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact AMTA via email at

Please download or print the following documents:

AMTA Annual Conference Educator/Internship Director Roundtable

This roundtable discussion, facilitated by co-chairs of the APAC and AIAC AMTA Committees, invited educators of all types and internship directors to gather and share and discuss resources and concerns.  As we emerge from the pandemic, there is a shift in the types of concerns heard by APAC and AIAC. We want to further the dialogue to anticipate the needs of educators and students so we can create and connect them with resources and information that will be helpful.

Attendees included APAC and AIAC Committee members, AMTA faculty, Internship Directors and supervisors from National Roster and University Affiliated programs, and Practicum Supervisors.

Topics covered in this roundtable included: length of lag between internship and employment; legal affiliation vs. internship agreement; in-person training requirements; what counts (see agreement discussion); it is ok to pay interns/provide stipend and to set up a part time internship; differences in interpretation of competencies between schools, but also between schools and internship supervisors; need for communication and personalized training plans from schools to internship supervisors; desire for more faculty to engage in this dialogue with internship personnel; accommodations and customization of experience.

The outcome of this session is not intended to be a resolution of all concerns, but dialogue, resource sharing, validations, and calls to action for the committees were heard.