AMTA Job Hotline

About the AMTA Job Hotline

The American Music Therapy Association Job Hotline is available to current AMTA members as a benefit of membership in AMTA.  Current AMTA members may use an email address and password to access the Job Hotline and over 100 available jobs in and related to music therapy across the United States and in many countries.  Both part time and full time positions may be posted for jobs with a variety of populations and settings. 

The organizations, agencies, and individuals listed are provided to help put qualified music therapists in touch with potential employers and have not been reviewed for quality of services or programs. Every attempt is made to publish accurate and up-to-date job openings, however, information is posted as it is provided. AMTA cannot verify the accuracy of claims made in the content herein. Please contact the employer directly or your local Better Business Bureau for further questions.

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Announcing a Postion

Announcing an available position on the Job Hotline is free of charge and open to any business or facility employing music therapists.  New information is posted regularily and positions are removed from the list after four months, unless we are notified otherwise.  To announce a position, please email the information using the job hotline submission form and send it to

Your posting will be added at the next scheduled update.  We're sorry, but we're not able to make confirmation calls to each facility.  If you would like to verify that your job was posted, please call the AMTA national office.

Click here for the Job Hotline Submission form - Instructions: save this form to your hard drive, enter information and save.  Then email the form as an attachment to or simply include the information requested by the form in the body of your email.

In order to ensure that the maximum number of qualified people contact employers seeking to fill music therapy and related positions, please be as specific as possible and include as much information as possible in the following order. Please avoid abbreviations and write out certification requirements and populations whenever possible.  Be sure and include the following relevant information:

  • Job Title
  • Job posting url (or organization url, if available)
  • Organization
  • Short Job Description
  • Detailed Job Description (including starting date, salary, hours and benefits)
  • Job Requirements
  • Application and Contact Information
  • Contact email
  • Setting Category
  • Facility Name/Location Name
  • Location Address
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Telephone

AMTA reserves the right to refuse or edit employment advertisements known to contain incorrect, inaccurate or professionally compromising information. Advertisers are solely responsible for content and compliance with federal, state and local employment guidelines.