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Publishing Your Music Therapy Manuscript with AMTA

In addition to research journals and newsletters, AMTA publishes a variety of other publications including texts and monographs such as the monograph series Effective Clinical Practice in Music Therapy, Music in Special Education, and Music Therapy and Premature Infants or Music Therapy in Pediatric Healthcare. AMTA also produces videos such as Music Therapy & Medicine: Partnerships in Care. Back issues of music therapy journals are available as well as products and informational brochures about the music therapy profession.

AMTA's complete publications catalog can be found in the AMTA online store.  Simply hover over the "Bookstore" menu item above and select "Visit the Bookstore."  Then, under "Shop for," choose "Merchandise" and "Select Category," choose "Publications" and click "Go."  You'll find a list of all books and publications AMTA offers or click this link to go directly there.

Book Proposals

AMTA welcomes book and publication proposals on music therapy. Music therapy professionals and academics are encouraged to consider donating manuscripts for publication consideration with AMTA. A proposal template and outline is available at this link:

AMTA Book Proposal Submission Form

Instructions:  All proposals must be typed and submitted electronically using the above application form (MSWord document).  Please download/save this form to your computer, then save it as a new file, using the words "PubProposal," the name of the principal author, and the date of submission.  Example:  If principal author is John Smith, submitting on June 1, 2018, the filename should be PubProposal_Smith_John_060118.doc.  To enter required information in the Word document, click on the gray boxes and type in your text.  Please provide information for all fields. Don’t forget to save your work! 

The completed form as well as questions may be sent to the AMTA Executive Director, Dr. Andi Farbman at