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AMTA and Music Therapy Featured in Times Square on National Nonprofit Day

American Music Therapy Association’s mission of increasing music therapy awareness and access to quality music therapy services makes a splash on billboards in iconic Times Square as AMTA participates in National Nonprofit Day.

August 17, 2018—NEW YORK, NY—On August 17th, National Nonprofit Day (NND) honors all the people, organizations and volunteers who make a positive impact on communities every day. The American Music Therapy Association has partnered with numerous nonprofits to spread awareness for NND, using the most iconic and visible billboards in the world right in the heart of Times Square. Under the direction of Five Tier, a Manhattan based company tasked with managing much of the content on billboards worldwide, NND and featured nonprofits will be presented to hundreds of thousands of Times Square visitors throughout the day.

“We spend the majority of our lives helping big brands sell their wares”, says T.J. Allan of Five Tier, “our team felt it was important to begin giving back to those who work so hard to make the world a better place. Creating this program levels the playing field for organizations with limited marketing budgets to stand side by side with the bigger players of the world.”

Recognizing that nonprofits carry a deep responsibility to their primary altruistic goals, Sherita J. Herring created National Nonprofit Day to also honor the impact these organizations have around the world. For example, following the U.S. recession, in 2012 the nonprofit sector provided 5.4% of the nation’s entire GDP (gross domestic product), or $887.3 billion; employing nurses, web developers, lawyers, computer engineers and more, according to Johns Hopkins and Tactical Philanthropy Advisors reports.

Music Therapy is an established health profession in which music is used within a therapeutic relationship to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals of all ages. Music therapists are employed in many different settings including general hospitals, schools, mental health agencies, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, forensic settings, and private practice.


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Arts Advocacy Day

On March 12-13th, 2018 AMTA participated in Arts Advocacy Day as a national partner.  This annual event in Washington, D.C., hosted by the Americans for the Arts, is the only national event that brings together a broad cross section of America’s cultural and civic organizations, along with hundreds of grassroots advocates from across the country.  Attendees collaborated to communicate with Members of Congress the importance of strong public policies and public funding for the arts.

Preparation for this event actually begins in November each year, when representatives from the national partner organizations form the Legislative Planning Committee (LPC).  The LPC meets twice a month for 4 months to determine the Issue Briefs that will be the focus of discussions with Congress on Arts Advocacy Day.  Although AMTA has been a national partner for many years, we have been active members of the LPC for the past 8 years, assisting with development of an Arts in Healthcare Issue Brief.  Each issue Brief developed by the LPC begins with specific "asks" of Congress, followed by talking points and supportive background information to assist advocates explain the rationale behind the requests.

AMTA chairs the Arts in Healthcare LPC subcommittee, collaborating with representatives from other national partner organizations.  In addition to creating the topic specific Issue Brief, each subgroup also develops a "Field at a Glance" document that provides more detailed information related to each area of focus.

Americans for the Arts organizes these documents, along with letters to Members of Congress from each national partner organization and supporting facts and figures, into an Arts Advocacy Day Handbook.  These handbooks are then delivered to each Congressional office. The Field at a Glance documents are available online, allowing for the inclusion of more information and live links to research and media clips.

Representation of music therapy during this national event is a great example of how AMTA works to increase awareness of the profession with Congress and with related organizations.  For more information about Arts Advocacy Day, please visit,