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AMTA and CBMT State Recognition Operational Plan

State Updates

National Overview of State Recognition

The American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) and the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT) collaborate on the State Recognition Operational Plan, a joint national initiative to achieve official state recognition of the music therapy profession and the MT-BC credential required for competent practice. Desired outcomes include improving consumer access to music therapy services and establishing a state-based public protection program to ensure that “music therapy” is provided by individuals who meet established training qualifications.

Inclusion within state health and education regulations can also have a positive impact on employment opportunities funding options, while meeting requirements of treatment facilities and accrediting organizations.

Current State Recognition

Board certification (i.e., the credential MT-BC, obtained from and maintained with the Certification Board for Music Therapists) is required in the following states for licensure, state certification, or state registries:

California:  Beginning July 31, 2019, An individual who provides music therapy shall not refer to oneself using the title of “Board Certified Music Therapist” unless the individual is an MT-BC.

Connecticut: As of October 2016, music therapy services can only be provided by those who hold the MT-BC credential, and only an MT-BC can call themselves a music therapist or a Certified Music Therapist.

Georgia: Music therapists are required to be licensed in the state of Georgia. Visit the Georgia Secretary of State’s website for more information and an application. Contact info@cbmt.org to have verification of your MT-BC certification electronically sent to the Georgia Professional Licensing Board.

New York: For Music Therapists to practice Creative Arts Therapy and use the titles, Creative Arts Therapist, Licensed Creative Arts Therapist or any derivative thereof within New York State, they must obtain licensure as a Creative Arts Therapist, unless otherwise exempt under the law. Visit their website for an application. To apply for the music therapy board examination for NY State Licensure or to have your examination scores mailed to the NY State Education Department of the Professions, contact the CBMT Exam Coordinator at KH@cbmt.org or by telephone at 800.765.2268, ext. 3.

Nevada: Music therapists are required to be licensed according to the Nevada State Health Division, Bureau of Health Care Quality and Compliance. Obtain an application from their website.

North Dakota: A bill to license music therapists was passed into law on April 26, 2011 under the State Board of Integrative Health Care. Music Therapists are required to be licensed. Obtain an application from their website.

Oklahoma: As of November 2016, music therapy licensure is managed under the State Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision. An application is available from their website.

Oregon: Music therapy licensure in Oregon is managed through the Health Licensing Office. More information is available on their website, including the application.

Rhode Island: A State License for music therapists was signed into law in 2014. Obtain an application.

Utah: State Certification was signed into law in 2014. Obtain an application.

Wisconsin: Wisconsin requires Music Therapists to be registered with the Wisconsin Department of Regulations and Licensing. Obtain an application.

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