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membershipamtalogo3Why Should I Join AMTA?

In any great composition, each note counts. It takes variety to make rich music. Each of us contributes our own special music to this amazing family and all are important and needed for the profession to grow and thrive. AMTA is the national organization committed to supporting, developing and expanding music therapy. When you join AMTA, the work we do together supports access, education, growth, awareness and visibility of the music therapy profession. We invite you to join our dedicated community of leaders and professionals. See some of our many benefits below and join now!

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2022 Membership Categories and Dues Costs
Membership Category 2022 Dues
Professional Membership $250
Associate Membership $250
Student Membership $95
Graduate Student Membership $95
Retired Membership $125
Inactive Membership (by application only) $50
Affiliate (organizational) Membership $350
Patron (organizational) Membership $650


Member Benefits Valued: Over $5400

Note: Membership in AMTA does not ensure the participant is a Board Certified Music Therapist.
Verify music therapy board certification status at