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What People are Saying about AMTA

The AMTA national office, AMTA Board of Directors and other volunteers respond to thousands of questions, requests for information, member concerns, and more each month to help further AMTA's mission and to educate others about the music therapy profession.  We love hearing from you and always appreciate knowing what was helpful or particularly effective.  Here are some of our favorite comments about the services AMTA provides.

"I get it. I have been using music as therapy for myself for years now. I was blindsided by disability a bunch of years ago. Disability can be a beast, and I am living proof that music really does calm the savage beast. I believe in what you do with all of my heart. Keep up the good work!!"

"Thank you! ... to everyone who works to make the AMTA an organization that helps music therapists of all kinds. [I] appreciate the work that everyone at AMTA puts in, day after day, week after week, to help MT-BCs do better and help their clients, which is the most important goal."

"I just wanted to reach out and extend my gratitude for helping to organize an amazing conference! I attended many concurrent sessions and plan on viewing more. I really like this platform, it was easy to use (even for a tech- challenged person like myself). I hope that there will be a virtual offering of future conferences as they are cost effective and convenient.  Although I know the benefits of coming together in person, the virtual platform offers many therapists an opportunity to attend even if they can’t be present at the “live” version! Again, many thanks to the entire conference committee, presenters, keynote speakers, and anyone else that had a hand in such a tremendous event."

"Thank You!  Being able to 'plug in' to the Music Therapy professional community during conference has engaged me even more than I realized it might. I, again, want to extend my gratitude to you and the AMTA for making the flexible accommodation you did. Primarily, it was important to me that you, and the entire AMTA team,  hear a specific example of how this virtual conference made a individual impact on myself as an attendee. I feel re- engaged, connected, and further validated to continue forward with my professional path. Thank You for your part in that!"

"Thank you so much for this wonderful AMTA 2021 Conference. This was my first time to attend online AMTA conference and I had a fantastic experience. I'm very thankful for all your effort in spite of Covid-19 situation. Although I was in Taiwan to attend this conference, I still felt connected with all of you."

"I just wanted to thank you guys for the payment plan option for member dues.  And also for the new journal options for credits that are included in the member price. xo"

"I knew little about a specific research design... and I recognized that as a consultant reviewing a proposal with this design, I needed more informed eyes than mine.  After searching the internet, watching videos, speaking with two research physicians, and someone who reviewed for the Cochran Review, I still felt I was not on top of things. Then I wrote to Barbara Else and not only did she respond quickly (less than one hour), but cited references, identified music therapists who may be of help, provided insightful questions that I should consider, and gave feedback about the kind of impact such research could add to our profession.  Her feedback was over the top, and just when I needed it, (I had a conference call with the researcher later that same day.)  If I could have hugged her through the phone, I would have!"

"Greetings to all you AMTA folks with a short word of thanks to each of you for your energy, hard work, and dedication to each of us members in putting together this 2021 AMTA National Conference. It is hard to believe that we have an AMTA national office staff of just 12 people to plan and produce these detailed conferences that are of interest to SO many people with such diverse areas of interest - students, interns, educators, researchers, and clinicians."

"A couple of days ago I was contacted about being a reviewer for a music therapy article submitted to [an important research] journal.  Quite frankly, the abstract did not lie within my area of expertise.  I politely declined, and was asked to suggest a name of someone who may be a good candidate.  Barbara Else [from the AMTA National Office] came to mind.  I referred her to Barbara and literally within minutes, Barbara had written one of the most articulate responses possible.  Her email included everything, including contact information for potential reviewers, the fact that she was familiar with this journal, had met staff... and expressed a desire to work with them in the future. I am all too aware that you may never be aware of the efforts of each of your colleagues in the AMTA office and the impact they have on us every day folks who at the least convenient time try to tap your resources.  I am most thankful that all of you offer that kind of professionalism, knowledge and business acumen.  Barbara Else is indeed an AMTA treasure!"

"It is a pleasure to collaborate with such a noble association and of which I am a part."

"...after looking at the conference program, I thought it was terrific... From the vibrant-green wreath of trees at the beginning and end, and all the way in between, the organization and layout are clear, appealing, and user-friendly; the artwork and photographs are sharp and beautiful; the editing is first-rate; and the program is substantial in scope, length, and content.  It is a great preview and roadmap for what I'm sure will be a doozy of a conference."

"You deserve to be very proud of your work in putting together this superb document."

"You all rock! Amazing showcase in the Memorial Day concert. So proud of you and music therapy.  Congratulations!!!!"

"I wanted to write to you with a follow up Thank You for supporting so many music therapists, including myself, in attending the Sound Health conference at the Kennedy Center last week. It was an honor to be present for the amazing historical events of the weekend. It is certainly an exciting time to be in the field and I look forward to being a part of the growth and commitment that will bring our field to the forefront of this endeavor!"
"Awesome! Thank you! Thanks again for getting this resolved so quickly! I love AMTA."

"I am very grateful for your thoughtful and thorough message.  I have already been applying the concepts you describe so well.  But the reminders are helpful, and confirm what good training and professional development have given me as foundations - AMTA, CBMT, and AMI all help us establish effective, ethical, and legally sound practices. I especially appreciate your suggested resources. Thanks so much to you and to AMTA for this support."

"Earlier this year, I was a graduate student working on a thesis concerning Alzheimer's disease and music and was really fortunate to have been helped by you!  Thank you so much for the info you graciously shared with me and for helping me connect with other wonderful people as well! I have gotten many responses back... I value all that I learned in the process, and I am immensely grateful for all of the help and info and contacts that you sent my way. Thank you so, so much for taking the time to do all of that for me. I truly appreciate it."

"I have been home from the hospital now for a little over 2 months but I haven’t forgotten about the support AMTA showed for me while I was in the hospital.  These thoughtful gestures reminded me of how blessed I am to work in a profession with such supportive colleagues."

You guys are awesome! It is a pleasure to work with an organization that responds so quickly. I have fought other places to get simple receipts like this. Thank you again!"

"Your card and package arrived on a day that I was weary from this long medical journey...  What a blessing to know that after all this time I had not been forgotten...  Your gift and your thoughtfulness moved me to tears.  I thank you for your love, support, and most of all your faithful prayers."

"Thank you so much for getting back regarding AMTA.  I am seriously considering a profession as a Music Therapist with everything I can bring to this career along with continuing education in this field.  Working with children to the elderly seems to be right up my alley. ... I am determined to find out the paths I need to take to make this happen. Thank you again for getting back, enjoy the rest of summer!  We will be in touch soon."

"You are the cat's meow AND the bee's knees!!  Thank you for your 'few thoughts'!  Your email is a gold mine... Know that on top of your multitude of accomplishments you can add to your host of admirers one more maturing, grey-haired, senior-moment-MT-BC - - me. Ever so grateful."

"Please pass along my gratitude to all who worked to archive the Journal of Music Therapy! Because of your dedication, I was able to easily access an article written in 1973! Thank you!"

"Thank you so much for the sweet card of congratulations!"

I was having printer issues while trying to prepare for an interview in which I planned to justify asking for a higher salary.  Though I had the information I needed, I wasn’t able to print it and called the AMTA office in desperation. The person on the phone helped me with suggestions and went above and beyond by walking me through how to do it.  It worked AND I got a raise! Thank you!"

"Thank you so much for the info so quickly.  Being a member of AMTA is awesome.  When I need something, I get it!"

"I just wanted to take a moment and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your assistance this morning.  You've given me a lot of information to start my new journey, a listening ear, and tons of encouragement."

"Your very fast response, sensitive guidance and expertise are so much valued and appreciated.  Your mentoring has… demonstrates that AMTA is a responsive organization which respects and supports its members."

"You've outdone yourself this time with so many wonderful networking opportunities and work for our profession."

"I just wanted to follow-up with you.  My son did get a Music Assessment done at his school. We just got the results and are so grateful to you and so happy.  The assessment encompassed about 6 of his specific IEP goals.  He scored MUCH higher with music therapy on 5 of the goals and scored the same on the 6th. Overall he did 26% BETTER with the music therapist!  The person doing the assessment recommended BOTH direct music therapy and music therapy on a consultation basis as related service on his IEP.  …we are thrilled and very hopeful that the entire complexion of his instruction will reflect that he is a musical learner.  I know we would never have gotten this without your help, advice, and expertise in music therapy and IEP rights.  THANK YOU so much for helping us advocate for our son!!!!"

"AMTA is fantastic. This is perfect. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!"

"I can't thank you enough for taking the time to send this information; your support is truly appreciated! I completed a letter and sent the information you provided to the Superintendent with the hope she will review all the data and see how important it is for my son to continue music therapy to make appropriate progress towards his goals."

"You are amazing!  Do you sleep? I don't know how you do all that you do!  Thank you!"

"I just wanted to send you a quick thank you.  You do so many wonderful things for our profession, and I wanted to share a quick story with you about not only the music therapists but also the clients your expertise has helped.  About a year ago, I spoke with you over the phone about a school district giving a parent a difficult time about a music therapy evaluation.  After jumping through a series of hoops, the school finally agreed to an evaluation which found that the student performed much better in music therapy than in other disciplines.  In the past year, this school district has now changed their tune about music therapy, and I've just received paperwork for another evaluation, their 3rd this year. So many students are benefiting already, and the administrators and teachers are getting on board with what we do.  Thank you again for all you do."

"Just a note to thank you for calling in to the meeting today and for your continuing brilliance in helping "civilians" understand the reasons for music therapists in ALL states to pursue licensure. The meeting went really well and we are very excited! … More to follow soon - thanks so much for your help and support!"

"You are ALL that and a bag of chips! Thank you for your tireless work on this document the past several days."

"Many, many thanks for your leadership in helping all… Thanks for your unending encouragement and assistance."

"Thank you for all you do! Your help with the state task force teams is greatly appreciated and it was an amazing opportunity having you and our Representative at the same table! Thank you!  I look forward our next task force call and the opportunities (and work) that lie ahead."

"You are amazing!  Thank you so much.  This is certainly worth the next ten years of membership in AMTA!"

"I enjoyed the session Judy Simpson did regarding music therapy and therapeutic musicians [at our regional conference]. It was helpful to learn about therapeutic musicians to have a better understanding, so that I can better advocate for music therapy, and educate others on the difference."

"You all are simply amazing.   Just incredible.  The membership needs to know how much you all. do."

"I wanted to share that the [our state representative] shared in our meeting w/her was how impressed the Senate B&P Committee staff were with the FAST turnaround time with the requested paperwork - that usually takes folks days if not weeks to get back to them. We credited you; your value is immeasurable.  You may "just" be doing your job, but you do it with such professionalism & class; compassion and ... You do amazing work. I am grateful."

"And thank you for all of your dedicated work towards the profession and government relations. Keeping our profession recognized and protected is a great feat..."

"What would we ever do without you.  I know the answer: there would be no bill [state legislation].  It’s that simple."

"Earlier this year, I was a public health graduate student working on a thesis concerning Alzheimer's disease and music and was really fortunate to have been helped by you!  Thank you so much for the info you graciously shared with me and for helping me connect with other wonderful people as well! I have gotten many responses back…  Although I was unable to find data to work with, or ongoing research I could help with, concerning music and Alzheimer's, maybe in the future, once more research may be more readily being conducted on Alzheimer's and music, I will be able to finish my thesis on the topic then. And if not, then I will still value all that I learned in the process, and I am immensely grateful for all of the help and info and contacts that you sent my way. Thank you so, so much for taking the time to do all of that for me. I truly appreciate it."

"Oh, thank you so much for calling me back... it's so great to actually talk to a real person because it makes ME feel like a real person. I'm definitely gonna join as a professional when I can; you called me back and addressed my problem and I'm just a student. I know you'll pay attention to me as a professional."

"I am thankful for the American Music Therapy Association, Inc.  I just am."

"Just a quick howdy and hugs for all the work you do on behalf of AMTA as a whole as well as for individual members. … Wish I could send each of you an Easter Egg filled with gold nuggets."

"Thank you for giving me the time out of your busy day to give me information about Music Therapy and the effects it has. This information will be very useful for my paper. Talking with you made me more interested in Music therapy and how it is beneficial to society. Thank you once again and I hope you have a wonderful day."

"Just watched the video on the AMTA website. …you did a great job editing and making a cohesive and impressive segment out of a lot of varied takes! Nicely done. … Thanks for all of your hard work."

"Just want to send some feedback to you who are involved in the website. It continues to improve, educate and delight. Thank you!"

"[We] were just registering for conference and perusing the website -- LOVE IT! It looks fantastic! We look forward to seeing you at conference, and we are excited about our first opportunity to present at nationals!"

"The website is wonderful!!! I'm not sure who else I should say this to - who has had a crucial role in it - but it is really a pleasure to use!! It has gotten lots of good publicity, also - not only on Facebook which I know you see but through the International Art Therapy Organization (IATO)  - they have been singing the praises of AMTA."

"Love the website.  Set up my new password by clicking on Join and then clicking on the sign in button….  I clicked on forgot password, and was able to set it up.  GREAT JOB AMTA!!"

"The website is fabulous!  Congrats to all of you."

"Thanks so much for always taking the time to send feedback."

"I can't tell you how much I appreciate your tireless work, your friendly and cheerful attitudes, and your willingness to go the extra mile for all of us AMTA members. I heard so many comments from "average" members about the smooth logistics, the numbers of quality sessions, and all the special events and happenings. Every year I go home thinking you won't be able to top that year's conference event, and every year you prove me wrong. No kidding. So, please accept this heart-felt token of thanks, a well-deserved, ENORMOUS, pat on the back. :-)"

"Have I mentioned to you how much I just LOVE the new book?  It is so beautiful and we are so proud of how professional it looks.  I saw the color photo of it in the newsletter and just beamed!  Thanks to both of you for making us look good! …I wanted to share this photo with you, the first class to ever use our new book!  Thanks to all of you for your hard work in making this book so gorgeous. We could not have done it without each of you."

"Just a quick note to shout out a huge "BRAVO!" to  you and the staff for a phenomenal issue of Music Therapy Matters.  The content is rich with valuable and inspiring information ... and furthermore, it's just beautiful!  I love the brightness of the graphics and the photos.  Once again, you've all shown why we're so very fortunate to have the skills and passion of each of you."

"I am honored once more by your public recognition of my retirement.  It has been a wonderful journey where I've learned so much from those with whom I've been privileged to work (and play!).  Ours is a passionate profession, and I don't plan to walk away from my involvement.  …  It has been so delightful getting to know you and to be bolstered up by your ongoing spirit of excellence."

"Wow!!!  The flyer is fantastic!  My husband picked it up, read all the way through it, and said, "This is REALLY impressive."  And that comment was from an "outsider".  Beautiful layout, easy to read, and packed with info.  Congrats to all of you who worked on this.  We're so lucky to have all of you on the AMTA team."

"I just read straight through the latest Music Therapy Matters. You all have outdone yourselves with this edition -- it's BEAUTIFUL and extremely eye-catching.  I just love it when we're asked to jot down thoughts and ideas and then you all turn them into such enticing publicity!  My hat is off to each of you, and to the entire office staff, too ...I know that it takes a village (an AMTA Village, that is) to put out consistently top quality information.  As I've said before, you make us all look good.  And we are so fortunate to have each of you and your incredible talents.  BRAVO!"

"The job information on the website is WONDERFUL!!! We used it in class today and my students agree! … Congratulations!!"

"It was a wonderfully organized Conference, the AV was the best it's ever been, and this note is to say "Thanks!".  It must have taken a heroic effort on everyone's part."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of the staff and board members who have stepped in to "mind the gap."  I know I speak not only for myself when I say we appreciate all you have done and continue to do."

"You're always good and you keep setting the bar higher!  The preliminary conference material is outstanding!  It is easy to read but eye catching."

"I wanted to tell you how great the preliminary program looks - content-wise and stylistically!! It looks like another great conference and great job that you all have done!!!"

"I got a lovely call from a visually impaired member, who wanted to let me know how much help you both gave her and how wonderful it was to work with you. Thanks so much for doing what you do!"

"Thank you all for another outstanding conference!  Every year I continue to be in total awe of your talents and abilities--both behind and on the scene--as you successfully execute our Annual AMTA Conferences!  And, as always you have outdone yourselves and created another total winner!!!  Thank you for your hard work, diverse talents, creativity and expertise and for everything you continue to do for each of us as music therapists, committee chairs, delegates and members of the board, not only at conference time but throughout the year."

"I was telling a 94 year old friend of mine about my grandmother, testifying before the Senate about music therapy when she was 90 years old.  I thought I had brought an article with me to show my friend, but it was only a picture.  So I decided to google her to see if anything would come up.  I can't tell you how thrilling it was for me to find her on the Internet with her quote, "Music is better than medicine."  I don't know if any of you knew my grandmother or were at the hearing when she testified, but I was there and I was never more proud!  She wrote her own testimony and delivered it like a pro.  She was treated like a real celebrity and was so very proud when the bill passed in the Senate.  My grandmother was a tough old lady and charmed people wherever she went.  I used to take her to Ocean City every summer until she was 93.  She liked the board walk.  She would go find a bench and tell me to go ahead and look in the stores and when I would come back she always had a huge audience around her.  The therapist at the Hebrew Home of Greater Washington who suggested that she testify could not have found anyone better or more suited to the task.  Thank you for your work with music therapy.  It made a huge difference in my grandmother's life."

"Thank you so much for your phone call and sending this to me.  I have been very pleased in the support that I have received as a member of AMTA.  You all do an excellent job of keeping the organization's mission in mind as we strive to provide and increase access to services."

"Thanks for sending the labels to the office so quickly after my phone call. You're great!"

"You all deserve a round of applause for another wonderful conference.  Your time and dedication to expanding horizons and providing great experience is truly appreciated."

"I wanted to personally thank you for all the work you did putting our book together.  It is stunning.  I'm so proud of it.  I walk around with it at work like it was my binky!  Thank you so much."

"CONGRATULATIONS !!! The brochures are FANTASTIC !!!!! They say everything !!!! Whenever I am asked what Music Therapy is, I first give the "definition" and then when I see the "blank look" on their face, I go on to give specific examples, and the next question they generally ask is about the necessary training! Your new brochure answers it all and then some! Plus the design and format really "invite" people to read the brochure. I love the color scheme and choice of photos, too! KUDOS to ALL who worked on the project! If I should "run out" of brochures during my conference, is there any copyright that would prevent me from photocopying the brochure? I would do it in color. If it is not allowed, I will just take names and addresses of those who want a brochure and order more for them. Thank you for a job exceptionally well done!"

"I just want to again say THANK YOU -- you are so quick in following up on these requests that keep piddling in from me, and I know that there is a ton of other things requiring your attention at the national office."

"The program looks great!!! I am glad to receive it and see how good it looks, also all of the exhibits and advertisements. Thank you all (and many others) for making it that way! It all looks wonderful - I can't wait!!!"

"Thank YOU.  You are the reason the article happened in the first place."

"Just a quick note to let you know that the last newsletter was very informative.  Great way to stay in touch with the pulse of the AMTA business. :-)"

"To everyone at the AMTA National Office, I just finished reading through all of the national office reports for the midyear meeting. I want you to know how much I appreciate all of the work that you do for the association.  The number of projects that you work on, the level of sophistication of the projects and reports, and the depth and breadth of your work is simply amazing.  Thank you for your many contributions to our association and the music therapy profession."

"Thank you very much for sending me my Music Therapy Perspectives issue.  I got it it today.  I’m looking forward in receiving my journals. And perhaps joining again one of the conferences in the future.  Again, Salamat! (thank you!)"

"Thank you all for your assistance in my salary negotiations!  I was offered the position of Director and I accepted it.  I am pleased with the salary I negotiated.  …Wish me luck!  I know it will be a lot of hard work, but I am very excited!"

"I really appreciate your professionalism and that of AMTA on the whole.  Sometimes it's tough operating a "contract" music therapy business and it's a pleasure to work with you."

"I just wanted to write a note of thanks for referring a client to me for music therapy for his three year old son. I will meet with [them] to evaluate and make a recommendation to his parents for a course of treatment. Thank you again for the referral."

"Thank you very much for your fast response and detailed answers! I really appreciate that you took the time and effort to answer my questions thoroughly.  You have helped me to earn my badge named "On a High Note" which is ultimately going to lead me to earning my Gold Award.  Thank you again and good luck with your career in the future."

"I wanted to thank all of you!  Your support of our committee really made our jobs a lot easier!"

"I have had the pleasure of working more closely with several of you over the past two years.  With this experience I have developed an increased awareness of the tremendous amount of time and dedication that is involved in the work that you do each and every day.  Please know that the work you are doing on behalf of our profession is greatly appreciated.  I enjoyed the conference immensely and heard many positive comments...thank you!"

"I just wanted to send a note to tell you all how wonderful the last newsletter was. The newsletters are always great, but this one was fabulous.  I thought it was very professional and really got to the heart of reaching out to the members to provide information and access. I know it must have taken lots and lots of work, but it was really worth it."

"I spent some time this weekend reading through the latest edition of the newsletter and wanted to thank you for your excellent work on that!  It is so professional looking, full of information, and most of all,  a very positive look at all we do as an association and profession.  I also spent a bit of time this morning cruising through the AMTA website, and once again, am so impressed with your work.  You have made that site well organized and easily accessible.  I always send prospective students to look through the AMTA website, and I am proud to have that as a reflection of our association."

"I've just been researching web sites of music education-related organizations and yours is terrific--comprehensive, easy to navigate, well-written and attractive.  My experiences at some other sites have not been nearly so pleasant or productive.  Thank you."

"Just know that you ALL do a great job.  A lot of HAAAARD work has gone into Association business on behalf of the greater good .... people just need to be reminded."

"As a blind person who became a music therapist in 1988, there was no really practical way to read any of the literature unless I could pay someone to read to me. Even then the concepts, terminology, and even the general subject matter were difficult for the average person to read with any feeling. Later the organization began sending out tapes of journals and other publications--better, but still not great. Thanks to the Internet, screen readers, and other advances in technology, I am now able to access much of the literature formerly unavailable to me--and I can do it independently; on my own time and at my own pace. I have purchased the CD-rom of the back issues of all the publications, and I am looking forward to making use of this "members only" page. Please keep adding features such as the ability to completely fill out the directory survey online. The more material the better! Thanks again."

"I am trying to get Music Therapy services (in our Public School District) for my 2 children w/autism.  I want to say "Thank you" for the information on your website. I feel you may have help many individuals with Special Needs in our School District. Because of your information. It was very helpful."

"My high school junior is considering a career in Music Therapy, and your web site has been most helpful.  We had no idea how to find universities offering MT degrees, as most of the College Search Engines had turned up nothing. Thanks so much for maintaining such a great site."

"Hello!  While enjoying lunch outside on Sunday near your conference, two of your conference attendees noticed I was alone and invited me to join them.  When I saw their tags, I couldn't believe my luck!  I love music, and was thrilled that your conference was so close-by.  I walked over and was amazed to hear the gospel music being performed.  The exhibits were closing down, but I walked around and took catalogs, surrounded by wonderful sounds.  What a lovely experience!  I sent the catalogs to a psychiatrist friend as well as the local senior center.  I'll check your site to find out about your next conference!  Maybe I'll register for that instead... Many thanks."

"Just wanted to drop a quick note to let you all know how professional the AMTA web site has become.  Great work!  It is much appreciated."

"Just a note to say I was very impressed with the information available through the web page!  It was so exciting to scroll through all the job opportunities. I never thought I'd see the day where I could look for a job in this  way...or that there would be so many to choose from!"




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