Membership Support Options

If you or someone you know wishes to become a member of AMTA but finds it financially difficult, there are options for membership dues to be paid out over time, discounted membership categories, and scholarships for membership to explore.

Paying AMTA Membership Dues in Installments

Discounted Membership for New Professionals

Discounted AMTA Membership Categories:

Retired Membership

Retired membership is open to professional members of AMTA and professional music therapists who have reached the age of 65 and are legally retired. Rights and privileges will be the same as those for Professional membership.

Inactive Membership

AMTA offers Inactive music therapist membership is open to professional music therapists who are not currently practicing music therapy. Music therapists seeking inactive membership must complete an application available from the National Office. Inactive membership will provide the privileges of participation in the activities of the Association and the right to receive selected publications of the Association, but does not include the right to vote or to hold office. Inactive members do not receive the music therapy journals in print copy, but can access the online subscription to these journals through the AMTA website.  To be eligible for Inactive membership, one must: have held active Professional Membership status in AMTA for at least two consecutive years prior to application for inactive status; intend to return to active membership status; not be involved in any professional activity or not working full-time currently due to illness, emergency, childbirth and child rearing, family obligations, etc.; submit an application for inactive status with a check for $50.00 to the AMTA national office.

Inactive membership applications can be downloaded here, but must be filled out and mailed to the AMTA office with your $50 check or payment. It is not possible to join or renew as an Inactive member online.

Student/Graduate Student Membership

The Student and Graduate Student membership category is open to students who are declared music therapy majors enrolled in AMTA-approved schools, or other interested full time students. Student membership will provide the privilege of participation in the activities of the Association, both on the national and regional levels, and the right to receive the Journal of Music Therapy, Music Therapy Perspectives, and other selected national and regional publications of the Association. Student membership does not include the right to vote or to hold office at the national level. Such rights at the regional level will be as specified by the regional Bylaws.

Membership Support Programs from AMTA Regions:

Many regions and states offer scholarships for assistance in paying your AMTA dues.  Please see below for a brief description of these membership assistance programs and contact the person indicated for more information.  You may also try contacting your local state organization for programs that may not have been reported here.

New England Region (NER)

  • Name: Pay It Forward Membership Assistance program
  • Amount: $6500 budgeted in 2019; awards vary for individuals
  • Eligibility: Open to any MT-BC in New England Region
  • Details: NER-AMTA is thrilled to continue supporting its members through the Pay It Forward Scholarship! As part of the Pay it Forward campaign, NER-AMTA asks applicants to commit to a non-financial contribution to the region in exchange for partial coverage of AMTA membership dues. In this way, awardees will pay their membership assistance forward to support the profession and music therapy in the New England Region. The application deadline is closed for 2019. A new link for applications will be provided as the end of 2019 approaches for 2020 registration.
  • Contact:

Mid-Atlantic Region (MAR)

Midwestern Region (MWR)

  • Details: The MWR awards a minimum of two membership scholarships and two regional conference scholarships annually. Information about these scholarships and the application process is emailed to all MWR members prior to the submission date. All submitted applications undergo a blind review.

Great Lakes Region (GLR)

  • Name: Membership Support Fund
  • Eligibility: GLR-AMTA members are eligible to receive this scholarship once every three years.
  • Details: This fund is intended to assist members in the region who may be experiencing temporary financial struggles by paying for AMTA membership dues or continuing education opportunities.
  • Link for Details/Application:
Other Assistance Available in the Great Lakes Region

Special Projects is a mechanism established by the Great Lakes Region to support clinical projects, research projects, or committee-related projects by members. Funding is available in two categories: the MUSE Fund (MUsical instruments and supporting materials, clinical Services, Education) and the Research Fund. Each fund has a specific purpose, protocol, and eligibility requirements. Click HERE to learn more.

Music Therapy Association of Minnesota (MTAM)

Southeastern Region (SER)

  • Name: SER-AMTA Membership Assistance Program
  • Amount: Up to $250 (or professional membership rate)
  • Eligibility: The music therapist must hold a music therapy credential (MT-BC), live in the Southeastern Region, have been a professional or student member of AMTA for at least one year prior to application, and have financial constraints that limit the individual’s ability to join AMTA. Financial constraints maybe include, but not be limited to, sudden personal or spousal job loss, a drastic reduction in contracts, inability to find adequate employment in the field, inability to work due to catastrophic illness/injury, or catastrophic outlay due to personal/family illness or injury.
  • Details: Provides AMTA Membership dues payment reimbursement for SER members/music therapists living in the Southeastern Region experiencing job loss, a drastic reduction in income, or other financial hardship. The application process will be confidential with only the President and Treasurer having knowledge of the identity and circumstances of the recipient(s). The assistance amount may be full or partial payment of dues, depending on the number of applicants and the stated need.
  • Link for Details/Application:
  • Contact:
Other Assistance Available in the Southeastern Region
  • Name: International Project Support Grant
  • Amount: up to $500
  • Eligibility: Professional Member of SER-AMTA; Must maintain credentials; Project must support the mission of AMTA
  • Details: Provides funding for professional music therapists who are engaged in international research, service, or scholarly music therapy activities. Funding may be used for travel expenses, registration, and music therapy materials/supplies. Individuals who are awarded a grant must agree to provide a presentation on their project and publish a project summary in the Quodlibet (regional newsletter).
  • Link for Details/Application:
  • Contact: SER International Relations Committee Representative (email address available by following the above link)


  • Name: Free Conference Registration Raffle
  • Amount: $100 (or professional early bird regional conference rate); $70 (or student early bird regional conference rate)
  • Eligibility: Must register early for the conference and be a member of AMTA
  • Link for Details/Application: N/A
  • Contact: N/A


  • Name: Intern Scholarship
  • Amount: $599 (one for traditional intern and one for equivalency intern)
  • Eligibility: 1. student MEMBER of SER-AMTA; 2. student in or from an AMTA-approved academic program within the Southeastern Region; and 3. a) already accepted to intern, or b) currently interning, or c) in the internship application process (verified by the university).
  • Link for Details/Application:
  • Contact: SER-AMTA Intern Scholarship Committee Chair (email address available by following the above link)

Southwestern Region (SWR)

At this point in time, the Southwestern region does not have a scholarship for AMTA membership.

Western Region (WR)

At this point in time, the Western region does not have a scholarship for AMTA membership.

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