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Becoming a member of AMTA not only helps support our mission, to advance public awareness of the benefits of music therapy and to increase access to quality music therapy services in a rapidly changing world, and shows your commitment to the music therapy profession but also benefits your business or organization.

Thanks to the following organizational members for their support of the music therapy profession in this calendar year.

Patron Members

Crescendo Patron Members

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​Virtuoso Patron Members

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Educational Affiliate Members

  • Montclair State University
  • Moravian College
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Affiliate Members

  • Canadian Association for Music Therapy
  • Converse College - Mickel Library
  • KidLinks
  • Lindell Library, Augsburg College
  • Music Together, LLC
  • Shenandoah University, Smith Library
  • Texas Woman's University Library
  • The Metro Health Systems
  • Tokushima Bunri University
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Patron Membership in AMTA

By becoming a Patron member of AMTA, your organization helps to strengthen the partnership between the music therapy community and the music industry, opening new markets and creating new music makers, and facilitating the flow of information about music therapy and its benefits to the general public.

Patron: SAVE over $2000 this year as a member! Benefits of Patron membership in AMTA:

Crescendo Patron: SAVE over $3000 this year as a member! Contact the AMTA office at 301-589-3300 to upgrade your membership to Crescendo Patron.  Benefits of Crescendo Patron membership in AMTA:

Virtuoso Patron: SAVE over $4000 this year as a member! Contact the AMTA office at 301-589-3300 to upgrade your membership to Virtuoso Patron. Benefits of Virtuoso Patron membership in AMTA:

Affiliate Membership in AMTA:

The Affiliate member category is a special recognition given to collegiate facilities, schools and institutions. SAVE over $900 this year as a member!  Benefits of Affiliate membership in AMTA:

Educational Affiliate Membership in AMTA

The Educational Affiliate designation is a special class of the Affiliate Member category available to schools and facilities offering AMTA-approved academic programs in music therapy and National Roster Internship sites.  Simply join as an Affiliate member and send us an email letting us know that your organization fits the criteria for Educational Affiliate membership and you will be given this special designation if you qualify.  Educational Affiliate members not only support the mission of AMTA, but also receive special recognition as a supporter of music therapy.  

SAVE over $1500 this year as a member!  Benefits of Educational Affiliate membership in AMTA:



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