MLE Considerations

Masters Level Entry Considerations

The members of the Master’s Level Entry (MLE) Subcommittee gave a presentation at the annual AMTA conference in November 2014. The power point slides and Handout from “A Progress Report” are now available on the AMTA website. Featured in the presentation was a proposed new model of music therapy education and clinical training as well as the subcommittee’s evaluation of the model.

The Subcommittee members continue to invite your questions and feedback. Feel free to contact any of us: Mary Ellen Wylie, Jim Borling, Cynthia Briggs, Jane Creagan, Marcus Hughes, Bryan Hunter, Ronna Kaplan, Christine Neugebauer, Angie Snell, and Amy Furman (ex officio).

The American Music Therapy (AMTA) is considering moving the entry level of the profession to the Master's degree.  The Education and Training Advisory Board (ETAB) has studied the issues surrounding this potential change.  As a result, ETAB researched and created two advisories, Master's-Level Entry: Core Consideration and Master's-Level Entry: Moving Forward, which can be found below.  This is not current AMTA policy, but rather a proposal for the AMTA membership to read, review and discuss:
ETAB encourages AMTA members to read these documents and carefully consider the implications this change could have for the profession.  The ETAB invites AMTA members to submit questions and comments on this potential change.  To ask a question or give comments, please email Mary Ellen Wylie at