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2020 Social Media Advocacy Month

January 16, 2020 11:35 AM

January is Music Therapy Social Media Advocacy Month!

The AMTA Professional Advocacy Committee invites you to join us in promoting music therapy on at least one social media platform this month.

Here are 10 ways you can promote music therapy in January, or come up with your own ideas!
  1. Share a curated link: Curating and linking to outside sources improves trust and reliability, and you may even create a conversation with new links from your readers. 
  2. Write about why you became a music therapist, many people love a human interest story.  You are one of your reader's favorites.
  3. Share the steps to become a music therapist, some people might want to learn and join the field, others may not realize what it takes to become a music therapist. 
  4. Write a review of a product using your expertise and credentials as a music therapist, your training gives you credibility and creates trust. 
  5. Share an interesting research study about music therapy, many people love to read research even if they do not fully understand it.
  6. Create a poll about what music people use for their own self-care and soothing and connect with how music is accessible for therapy in your post. 
  7. Link a prevalent need in your community with a music therapy goal and approach.
  8. Create a quick video of you talking about music therapy and upload it to your media.
  9.  Post a picture of you with your instruments and describe how you might use them in therapy, people love images of what you do, people love stories and we encourage you to leverage them to promote music therapy. 
  10. Share a link from AMTA, CBMT, any music therapy based publication that will help your readers learn more about music therapy. 
Some things to think about as you decide what to write:
  • Use the hashtags #MTAdvocacy and #musictherapy for greater social media engagement.
  • Be careful not to share personal identifiers for clients, family members, or yourself in your promotion.
  • Avoid sharing granular details, use this idea: if what you can say can fit on a sticky note or two it is about the right amount of content. 
  • The idea of promoting music therapy is to help create accessibility to music therapy services for those who need them.  When maintaining this focus, readers may have a higher level of engagement. 

Join in the fun and help create greater awareness for the music therapy profession!