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A Message from Executive Director, Lee Grossman

February 19, 2019 12:12 PM

A Message from AMTA Executive Director, Lee Grossman

I wish to thank those who directly reached out to me to discuss my position on the relationship of vaccines and autism.  Those conversations were helpful as I was not aware of the broader interest in my opinion on this topic and I was encouraged to clarify this to the entire music therapy community.  Additionally, in these conversations I was able to dispel what has been a mischaracterization and misinformation of my stance on this subject.

I support the scientific evidence and consensus statements that vaccines do not cause autism.  My many colleagues at NIH, CDC, other federal and state agencies, and leaders of national disability organizations are well aware of my position and support of the vaccine program.  In the many conversations I have had with people on the spectrum and family members of people on the spectrum, when the subject of vaccines has come up, I have encouraged all to have their children vaccinated.

While I was at the Autism Society of America, we attempted to create an organization and environment that was inclusive of all perspectives.  This was motivated by our wish to unite the autism community and supporters to focus our efforts in improving and expanding services, therapies, interventions and supports across the lifespan.

It is that same hope that I bring to AMTA… that we can unite our efforts so that anyone who can benefit from music therapy will have access to trained music therapists and quality music therapy services.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if there are concerns that you have and ideas on how to improve AMTA and music therapy.  I am preparing to attend all seven regional conferences this year and look forward to meeting many of you face to face and discuss the future of music therapy and our association.

Best regards,

Lee Grossman, CAE
Executive Director
American Music Therapy Association