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Accessing the COVID-19 Vaccine

January 15, 2021 12:17 PM

Accessing the COVID-19 Vaccine

Vaccine prioritization criteria vary across states. Therefore, music therapists may need to advocate for themselves and music therapy interns to receive vaccine access. The statement below is provided to help you in your advocacy efforts. Additionally, please consult local, state, and CDC guidance to determine the appropriate pathways to access vaccines in your area. Possible options for accessing vaccines may include:

  1. If you work in a facility, ask your facility to include you in their vaccination plan.
  2. If you are not employed by a facility (contractor, self-employed, business owner):
  • Reach out to your local public health department and regularly follow and review current guidance and updates.
  • If you contract with a facility actively vaccinating or preparing to vaccinate staff, ask that facility to partner with you to include you. Make use of the AMTA statement in this effort. It may also be helpful to cite guidance provided by your local public health department when conversing with facility administrators.
  • If you are established with a primary or other care provider, touch base with your care provider for vaccine availability. Sources for state prioritization criteria can be found at


For more information, see COVID-19 Vaccine Access for Music Therapists