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AMTA Statement on crisis in the Middle East

October 20, 2023 07:51 AM

On behalf of the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA), we wish to express support for the Israeli and Palestinian peoples, and our music therapy colleagues, students, and clients affected by the horrific violence, terrorism, and humanitarian crisis in the Middle East.

We acknowledge the deeply complex and multifaceted history of the region, and we know that no statement that we can make as a board of directors, or as an organization, will fully encompass the grief, loss, and trauma being experienced at this time, or the generational trauma that is being activated in many. To our music therapy community members who are Israeli, Palestinian, Jewish, and Muslim, we support you and stand with you during this time of unimaginable pain and suffering.  We reaffirm that terror, hate, and violence are antithetical to our core values in music therapy of kindness, social responsibility, dignity, respect, and integrity. 

Some of you, your family members, and/or your clients may be experiencing the effects of the rise in antisemitic and anti-Muslim hate speech, violence, media, and rhetoric occurring as a result of this most recent conflict. To all in our community who are affected, activated, harmed, and struggling, we support you and you belong. 

We are aware that many in our music therapy community are facing immediate impacts because of the ongoing conflicts. If you need support, or know a student, intern, or music therapist who does, we encourage you to contact AMTA’s Disaster Response by reaching out via


We encourage our music therapy community to hold space, practice cultural humility and empathy, support those in need, and find ways to work collectively towards lasting peace.



AMTA Board of Directors