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AMTA Executive Director Resigns

December 4, 2019 07:42 AM

Resignation of AMTA Executive Director Jeanne Ellinport

On Monday November 25, 2019 the AMTA Board of Directors accepted the resignation of Jeanne Ellinport, AMTA Executive Director. We wish her well in her future endeavors.

During the AMTA National Conference, we, the Board of Directors, had the opportunity to hear the voices and concerns of our members and staff. We appreciate all the interactions, conversations, emails, and feedback we received throughout the week. On behalf of the entire Board, we are grateful for the commitment, dedication, and mission-driven passion that our members and National Office Staff continue to demonstrate.

As we have navigated the past year, our Association and Board of Directors have learned a lot. We have gained increasing clarity about who we are and we have identified important skills that we need in our next Executive Director. We look forward to working with the National Office Staff, who have been our partners over so many years, to provide continuity for our members as we have done in the past. The Board of Directors will continue to be open to your feedback, comments, and suggestions as we embark on this next executive search.

We look forward to working together into the new year to stay focused on our clients, our mission, and the continued growth of our profession.