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AMTA Meets with Music & Memory

November 25, 2014 10:22 AM


MusicandMemoryAMTA Executive Director Dr. Andi Farbman met with the founder and Executive Director of “Music and Memory,” Dan Cohen, MSW, and Music and Memory Board member, Dr. Connie Tomaino, LCAT, MT-BC, on Friday, November 21, 2014, to discuss ways to differentiate what “Music and Memory” programs provide from what board certified music therapists provide and to clarify the language used to describe staff who are trained to develop personalized music listening programs for elders.

As you may know, “Music and Memory is a non-profit organization that brings personalized music into the lives of the elderly or infirm through digital music technology....” Dan Cohen participated in a lively session at the recent AMTA annual meeting where he agreed to improve communications between our organizations and clarify misunderstandings whenever possible. Dan stated at the session and again at the Friday meeting that he is a huge proponent of clinical music therapy services and hopes that the provision of personalized music programs will stimulate interest in the provision of music therapy and the hiring of music therapists. Following Friday’s meeting both organizations agreed to explore a partnership and collaboration with their respective Boards. (Please note: Though the documentary film, “Alive Inside,” portrays “Music and Memory” programs, the film is administered by a completely separate entity. AMTA also has been working with the film producer to reduce misunderstandings resulting from the film.)