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Bylaws Amendments Voting Results

Bylaws Amendments Voting Results

In May of 2020,  the AMTA Board of Directors approved an emergency electronic mail ballot to submit four Bylaws changes to the membership for consideration and vote. (This emergency measure was approved in response to changes precipitated by the COVID-19 pandemic.) The proposed changes to the bylaws included: 

  1. authorizing electronic voting for bylaws changes,
  2. changing the title Executive Director to Chief Executive Officer,
  3. changing he/she to they/them, and
  4. clarifying agenda timeline notices for meetings that occur outside of Mid-Year and National Conference Board Meetings.

Voting was open for 10 days and approximately 27.22% of the membership voted. All four bylaws changes passed with at least 92% of the membership supporting each individual change. Thank you to all who participated in the process!