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COVID-19 Task Force Update December 2021

December 21, 2021 12:30 PM


Updates and Tips

AMTA COVID-19 Task Force: Updates and Tips: December 2021

Image ID: Graphic outline image of a person in graphic form depicting an interactive human system. Four call out speaking bubbles surround the image highlighting each topic in the December update as follows:

Music Therapy and Procedural Support to Aid Vaccinations

Music Therapy and Procedural Support to Aid Vaccinations

Image ID: Music therapists are providing essential services supporting a range of needs during the pandemic.  Vaccination in children (and some adults) can be a painful and scary experience. For some individuals, additional support strategies such as music therapy can help them cope and recover from the experience.  Learn more about and share information about music therapy and music engagement strategies that can be utilized to support vaccination.

Consider proposing procedural support at vaccine clinics or events in your area such:

  • Schools
  • Pharmacies
  • County or State Department of Public
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Extended Care Facilities

Picture inset: Music therapy student, Emily Lehr, provides procedural support to one of over 1000 children who received a vaccination recently at the West Virginia University School of Medicine.

Multilayered Precautions

Multilayered Precautions

Image ID: Multicolored graphic image of a flower with eight flower petals each containing a graphic icon and brief explanatory narrative as follows:

  • Petal 1: Image icon of COVID-19 virus and syringe: Get vaccinated and a booster as soon as eligible
  • Petal 2: Image icon of disinfectant supplies: Clean touch surfaces properly and avoid cross-contamination. Use high quality disinfectants, wipes, and/or technology (e.g., UV sanitizer).
  • Petal 3: Image icon of air vent/filtration: Ensure proper ventilation of indoor spaces. Avoid crowds, following public health authority advisories.
  • Petal 4: Image of CDC and NFHS logos: Stay informed here and Consult NFHS updates on music making and safety in schools.
  • Petal 5: Image icon of person and tissue at nose: Stay home if you are not feeling well and contact your health provider. Test to prevent spread among others.
  • Petal 6: Image icon of two figures spaced apart: Practice social distancing.
  • Petal 7: Image icon of person wearing a mask: Wear a properly fitted face mask. Donn and doff PPE properly.
  • Petal 8: Image icon of hands washing: Frequent hand washing using good technique.

Graphic inset: two eighth notes topped with a crown icon: Keep Calm and Stay the Course this Season.

Well-Being and Mental Health

Well-Being and Mental Health

Image ID: Feeling uneasy or unsure about in-person gatherings this holiday season?

For additional information, see AMTA COVID-19 Resource Pages.

Graphic inset: upward facing open hands holding healing heart icon and mind/brain icon atop heart icon.