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COVID-19 Update & Task Force Contacts

March 23, 2020 04:05 PM

The AMTA Board of Directors want you to know that we are by your side as we face many uncertainties together. We are listening to your concerns and providing information and support as soon as we are able. Our first response to COVID-19 was to work with regional presidents who found themselves in the position of needing to cancel regional conferences. Working with the national office, we provided support to review contracts, and assist with meetings to answer questions and navigate this initial hurdle. The Board acted quickly to release disaster funds to regions who need them. These small relief funds will provide initial support, helping regions purchase platforms for online continuing education, general communication, and music therapy “community” gatherings. The funding will also help regions stay connected and, we hope, recoup some of the revenue losses from conferences. Additionally, the Board established a COVID-19 Task Force, headed by Dr. Lori Gooding, and assisted by other music therapists with expertise in various areas that are relevant to our current status of working and providing services from a distance.

We continue to review online learning, telehealth opportunities, and formats for communication. and, when we come across information that may be helpful, post frequently. Additionally, we are following new House bills that await passage, and may provide financial assistance to music therapists who find themselves currently without a job and a paycheck. The Board of Directors and the National Office Staff, along with the COVID-19 Task Force, are working hard on your behalf. Please help us know how we can better serve you by contacting us at the emails listed below.

COVID-19 Task Force Members: