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MT-BCs Advance Research at the Cleveland Clinic

March 14, 2016 11:44 AM

Board Certified Music Therapists Advance Research at the Cleveland Clinic

gallagherSilver Spring, MD – Music Therapist, Lisa Gallagher, MA, MT-BC accepts position as Research Program Manager with the Arts & Medicine Institute of the Cleveland Clinic.  In a new and unique position, Gallagher began her new post on March 1, 2016 working with music therapists and art therapists as well as others affiliated with the Arts & Medicine Institute to conduct and publish research. Gallagher believes this position will “help us to raise the bar” at the Cleveland Clinic, but also “throughout the country as we contribute more to the body of literature” in the creative arts therapies.

With the creation of the Arts & Medicine Institute in 2008, the commitment to integrating the arts into the Cleveland Clinic has increased significantly.  Today, the arts in the hospital are ubiquitous: on the walls through the Art Program, in the hallways with Cleveland Clinic’s Performing Arts Program, in the patient rooms with Art & Music Therapy, in lecture rooms, on patient television, and in main lobbies with special performances.  The mission of the Arts & Medicine Institute is to enhance the Cleveland Clinic experience through the arts; to practice and investigate the use of the arts in healing; and to build community around the arts, health, and medicine.


Music therapist and AMTA Board member, Debbie Bates, MMT, MT-BC steps into Lisa Gallagher’s previous position as Music Therapy Program Manager. Congratulations to Lisa and the team at Cleveland Clinic!