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Music Modernization Act Signed Into Law

October 15, 2018 03:56 PM

October 11, 2018

Music Modernization Act Signed Into Law

The Music Modernization Act (H.R. 1115) was signed into law by President Trump on October 11, 2018.  The Music Modernization Act (MMA), aims to ensure meaningful protections for songwriters, artists, record labels, and many others in the music industry. ‚ÄčThis landmark legislation represents a significant shift, making copyright law more relevant in the digital music era.  There are three major provisions of the act:

-  Improves royalty payments for music producers when their songs are used on satellite and      online radio;

-   Songwriters will now receive royalties on songs recorded before 1972;

-  Creates an independent entity that will track and administer royalty payments collected by streaming services and online radio.

Implications for music therapists are indirect unless a clinician is also a songwriter or involved in published music production and streaming music services. If, however, a music therapist were part of an organization that ran their own online radio station for or with a specific population, there could be implications. Clinicians are advised to review the bill summary to be familiar with the Act.