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Music Therapy Matters Monthly - October 2017

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October 2017
Building the Future of Music Therapy

Click the links below to read more or – if the settings on your personal device browser don't allow it - go to the AMTA website first, log in with your current member email address and password, and then click the link for this month's issue of Music Therapy Matters Monthly under "Latest News" on the home page or use this link: and select the issue you desire. 

Presidential Perspectives


There is No Room for Hatred

As a nation, we have experienced increased incidents of violence and hate toward marginalized individuals. So that there can be no doubt, there is no room for hatred of any form in the profession of music therapy--religious prejudice, violent discrimination, oppressive legislation, stereotyping based on differences of any kind, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior; fear and distrust of that which is perceived foreign or strange will not be tolerated.

You may know these definitions as religious sectarianism, white nationalism, heterosexism, genderism, sexism, ableism, racism and xenophobia. Whatever the words, AMTA stands in opposition to those concepts.

For decades, music therapists have engaged in discussions and actions to promote cultural diversity.  As a continuation of these actions, the AMTA Non-discrimination and Equal Opportunity Policy was adopted in 2015.  The same year, the membership approved a bylaws revision to add the Diversity and Multiculturalism Committee as a new standing committee with regional representation. Since then, more individuals and groups of music therapists have participated in courageous and challenging conversations as a profession, exploring personal biases with the aim of improving cultural awareness and responsiveness.

If you haven't yet read the December 2016 issue of Music Therapy Perspectives, I highly recommend the first article, “Musical Multicultural Competency in Music Therapy: The First Step” (Hadley & Norris). Another valuable resource is Cultural Intersections in Music Therapy: Music, Health & the Person (Whitehead-Pleaux & Tan, 2017). Within this book, each contributing author offers personal and professional insights into culture and its effect on the therapy process. The personal processes shared at the start of each chapter inspired me to begin my own process of improving my cultural awareness.

Part of being a Board-Certified Music Therapist is engaging in a continuing education plan to correct gaps of knowledge. I made it a point this past year to attend regional conference sessions offered by members of the Diversity & Multiculturalism Committee, both to show my support of their work and to gain valuable insights.

At the combined Mid-Western/Western regional conference, I attended a session by members of Team Rainbow, who gave an overview of privilege (something one is born with, not something that is earned) as well as detailed terminology related to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (or Questioning) individuals and the broader community.

In North Carolina, where the Southeastern Region had its own conference challenges related to proposed discriminatory state legislation, I engaged in a lively session led by Diversity & Multiculturalism Committee member Natasha Thomas. She helped us acknowledge the difficulties in having conversations about race and diversity while highlighting the importance of doing so.

In Newport, Rhode Island, I attended a session by a panel of Diversity & Multiculturalism Committee members, where participants were encouraged to share their stories of discrimination and prejudice, which enhanced the community of care in the room, at the New England Regional conference, and beyond. Lisa Kynvi also shared the movie “Gen Silent” on the care of aging members of the LGBTQ community.

My process continued with the online “Ethics and Human Rights” course taught by Natasha Thomas (through The mix of recorded lectures, videos, readings and exercises offered some thought-provoking moments. Additionally, I am grateful to all those who have been willing to openly share their personal experiences with me over the past year, and allow me to ask questions as I seek increased cultural awareness and responsiveness.

These experiences informed conversations with the Board of Directors at the Mid-Year meeting in June. Board members and staff moved into small groups for nearly two hours to share our own stories and biases around racism, oppression, and privilege. Feedback from participants was positive and appreciative.

You may be aware of the travel advisory issued by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) for the state of Missouri. The National Office Staff, the conference team, the local committee members for the St. Louis conference, and the Board of Directors have been engaged in ongoing conversations with local officials and stakeholders. We are proceeding with the conference, hoping to support local businesses during this difficult time, and implementing plans for conference participants to facilitate safe travels, in and around, as well as to and from the conference.

There is no room for hatred – in our profession or elsewhere. There are enough challenges to navigate: natural disasters, illnesses, occupation-related crises, and family challenges. As we walk our own path, may we be accepting of help from others; may we offer what we can; may we be open to challenging conversations; and may we work with patience and grace for the benefit of all.

A Word on Disaster and Disaster Response

(As of October 4, 2017)

Our country is in unprecedented territory as we continue to face multiple, concurrent major disaster events.  AMTA is in the process of conducting follow-ups to check in with our colleagues.  We are continuing to work with regional and local music therapists to provide a variety of relief in affected areas.  Our hearts and thoughts are with those affected by these horrific disasters and our fellow music therapists and music therapy students. During these difficult times, please remember your own self-care needs and those of your families and please contact the AMTA National Office for more information or support at (301) 589-3300. 

AMTA Represents Music Therapy at Key National Meetings

AMTA Election: Candidates for 2018-2019 Term

Please take a moment to meet the candidates who are running for President Elect and Vice President Elect for the 2018-2019 term by clicking here:​candidates_for_2018-2019_term/

Additional information and the candidates’ responses to questions about the profession of music therapy have been posted. Remember to attend the “Meet the Candidates” session, Saturday, November 18, 2017 from 1:45 PM – 3 PM in your conference plans. 


AMTA officer elections will be performed electronically this year!  Please double check that a correct, valid “primary” email address is included in your AMTA online account to ensure your ability to vote in officer elections this November. We are not able to make any exceptions to this requirement.

An invitation to vote will be sent to the “primary” email address listed on your AMTA record.  Members without a valid email address will NOT receive an invitation to vote, so if you have not provided an email address for your member record, you should contact the AMTA office to add one as soon as possible. 

Many free and low-cost options exist for obtaining an email address for those who do not already have one, so make plans now and share this information with others so all may be included in this upcoming election.  If you have any questions, please contact AMTA’s National Office at (301)589-3300. 

Deadline for Regular Conference Registration Ends Oct. 11 at Midnight (Eastern Time)! 

Be sure to register online, call the National Office or have your conference registration form postmarked by October 11 to be eligible for the Regular Conference Rate.  Registration for conference will still be open after this date but will be the LATE fee.  Please contact the AMTA National Office with questions at (301) 589-3300. 

Continuing Education Highlights for Conference

With so many fantastic CMTE sessions available at conference, we wanted to highlight a few that still have space available.  Contact the National Office for more information! 
  • Monday, November 13-15 beginning at 8:00 am, Music Together Training Workshop: 
    Register at and use the code 17AMTA50
  • Wednesday, November 16, 9:00 am – 6:00 pm, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Music Therapy Training
    Chair:  Jayne M. Standley, PhD, MT-BC, Presenters: Andrea Cevasco-Trotter, PhD, MT-BC; Darcy DeLoach, PhD, MT-BC; Judy Nguyen Engel, MM, MT-BC; Lori Gooding, PhD, MT-BC; Ciele Gutierrez, MM, MT-BC; Ellyn Hamm, MM, MT-BC; Brittany Mohney, MM, MT-BC; Jennifer Peyton, MM, MT-BC; Amy Robertson, PhD, MT-BC; Lorna Segall, PhD, MT-BC; Natalie Wlodarczyk, PhD, MT-BC; Olivia Swedberg Yinger, MM, MT-BC
    The National Institute for Infant and Child Medical Music Therapy is a pre-approved CMTE provider and offers specialized training for providing music therapy clinical services in Level III-IV Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU). It allows persons completing the requirements to receive a certificate stating same. This institute comprises one of the 3 requirements for this specialized training and will consist of 8 CMTE hours of intensive classroom training.
  • Wednesday, November 15th, 9:30 – 6:30 pm, Mindfulness through Music and Imagery 
    Presenter(s): Min-Jeong Bae, PhD, MT-BC; Eunmi Emily Kwak, PhD, MT-BC
    Learn the basic concepts of music and imagery within the spectrum of Guided Imagery and Music as well as the connection with the concepts of mindfulness meditation. Participants will learn how to apply personal music and imagery techniques for cultivating mindfulness in daily life.
  • Thursday, November 16th 9:30 am – 12:30 pm, CMTE J. Strengthening Your Music Therapy Practice:  Cultivating Presence & Self-Care with Therapeutic Rhythm & Mindfulness
    Presenter(s): Shari Geller PhD, CPsych
    Therapeutic presence, the foundation for promoting successful therapeutic relationships and therapy, is affected through creating neurophysiological experiences of safety. This workshop will present Therapeutic Rhythm and Mindfulness (TRMTM), an innovative program combining group drumming and mindfulness to strengthen therapists’ presence with clients as well as support their own resiliency and self-care.
  • Friday, November 17th, 2:00 - 5:00 pm, CMTE U. Courageous Conversations: Race in Music Therapy
    Room: Grand Ballroom E, Presenter(s): Marisol S. Norris, MA, MT-BC; CharCarol Fisher, MA, MT-BC; Jessica S. Fletcher, MM, MT-BC; Demeko Freeman, MT-BC; Ming Yuan Low, MM, MT-BC; Susan Hadley, PhD, MT-BC; Michael Viega, PhD, LCAT, MT-BC
    A racially diverse group of presenters will share personal experiences navigating race in music therapy.  Learn from experientials and group discussions provided to facilitate participants’ exploration of 1) their own personal racial identity, 2) the effects of racism in clinical settings, 3) racial tensions that arise in therapeutic encounters. 

Conference Transportation & Hotel Information

Important note: 

At this time the Union Station Hotel is out of rooms on Thursday, November 16th.  We have contracted for additional rooms with the Pear Tree Inn which is 2 blocks from Union Station. 

Pear Tree Inn St. Louis Near Union Station
2211 Market St. St. Louis, MO 63103
Telephone:  (314) 241-3200

The Pear Tree Inn is looking forward to seeing you and rooms have been held for our group.  To make reservations, please click on this link:

Please make your reservations by Friday, October 13, 2017 to receive your group rate.  Reservations made after this date will be subject to prevailing rate and availability.   

Reservations may also be made by calling 1-800-325-0720.  Please mention AMTA and the group number:  2321384.

Travel to the Hotel

AMTA and GO BEST Express have partnered to provide discounted shuttle service to/from the airport and downtown St. Louis hotels.  Reserve in advance to guarantee a seat before they fill up.  Discount rate ONLY available by booking through the provided link below no later than 11/13/17. Reservations made on the spot at the counter will be subject to standard rates of $45 roundtrip. 

With your reservation, you will receive:

  • Conveniently located counters in both terminals in the baggage claim area for attendees to quickly find us, and even a text upon landing, letting everyone know the location just in case they forget.
  • Shuttles that run approximately every 15-30 minutes with advanced reservations from the airport, and by scheduled times for departures, for ease of mind so no one will wait long or miss their flight.
  • Highly trained and certified chauffeurs in multiple aspects of transportation, as safety is always our first priority.

Your special, discounted rate is only available until 11:59 pm, Monday, November 13, 2017

Please plan accordingly to make your reservation in time to take advantage of this great rate!  Be sure to book ROUNDTRIP to ensure a ride to/from the airport.  Discounted rates will not be available, and standard rates will apply, after the above cutoff date.

Click here to make your reservation: 

Be sure to use discount code:  AMTA2017

Another option for transportation to/from the airport is through St. Louis’s Metro Link Light Rail.  Click here for rates and times:  The Light Rail stops behind the hotel (walk around to the front doors to get to the lobby).

Please keep in mind that these are just a few of the convenient travel options available to conference attendees.  Please contact the National Office with any questions at (301) 589-3300. 

Student Perks at Conference

Conference is a great opportunity for Music Therapy students to get a glimpse of the Music Therapy Profession.  Check out the following events specifically scheduled with Music Therapy Students in mind!

  • National Passages: A great plenary and 5 breakout sessions designed for students by students on Thursday, November 16 from 2:00 pm – 6:15 pm.  For more information visit
  • The 3rd Student Guitar Bombardment, a chance for you to learn the music of Chuck Berry and improve your guitar skills.  (Starting on Fri, Nov. 17 at 8:00 AM and running all day)
  • Leadership Academy for Students, one of many sessions geared toward students (Fri. Nov. 17 2:15 PM -3:30 PM)
  • Don’t miss the Internship Fair – Your chance to meet clinical training directors and explore sites from around the country! (Sat. Nov 18, 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM)
  • The return of the Cadenza 5K (Sat. Nov 18, 8:00 PM) 
  • Opportunities galore to make music with the conference choir, in the Jam rooms, the Music Therapist Un-plugged, the Cabaret, Uke and chant circles. There are many sessions directly related to the conference theme of a Mindful Approach to Music Therapy: experience meditation, Yoga and escape into One Beat, One Moment: Mindful Drumming and Meditation for Health and Well Being, a special drum circle Friday evening. 

Cadenza 5k at Conference

The Midwest region of AMTAS is proud to announce the second rendition of the Cadenza 5k! The race will be held at the beautiful Tower Grove Park in St. Louis, Missouri at 8pm on Saturday, November 18th.

This is a glow race so be prepared to light up the park with glow sticks and other fun light up accessories. The first finishers in each grouping will receive a prize and every racer will receive a goodie bag from our sponsors. Help promote the profession of music therapy by participating in this fundraiser.  Proceeds will be used as scholarships to aid regional music therapy students to further their understanding of the profession by attending future conferences.

Be sure to register by November 6 to be eligible for the Early Bird Rate!  Click here for more event details and registration!

Job Center

  • In the past 30 days, AMTA provided 35 referral lists of music therapists.
  • In the past 30 days, AMTA posted 17 new music therapy-related positions.

To see more job opportunities for music therapists, current members can visit the Job Center (from the AMTA website, select Member Resources>Job Center>Job Hotline) and log in with your email address and password.

NASM Multi-Year Comprehensive Standards Review

11250 Roger Bacon Drive, Suite 21
Reston, VA  20190
Telephone (703) 437-0700
Facsimile (703) 437-6312


To:  Colleagues in Music

From:  Karen P. Moynahan, Executive Director

Re:  NASM Multi-Year Comprehensive Standards Review

The National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) is continuing its multi-year comprehensive review of its standards for accredited institutional membership. Consultation with a broad range of organizations and individuals is a critical part of this comprehensive review. NASM invites your organization to participate in the review process.

Our basic request is that you inform your members at least once, and preferably periodically, of time-specific opportunities to comment on the NASM standards as well as future standards proposals as they are developed. This consultation process will be conducted primarily online with responses being submitted directly to NASM.

This comment period will focus on the Association’s non-degree-granting standards, which may be found in the NASM Handbook 2016-17, Standards for Accreditation XVII.-XX. As is NASM practice, the standards as a whole will remain open for comment during this time of review. This is particularly important as there are relationships between and among standards. Consideration of these relationships will be included in review conversations, and used to inform ongoing and later phases of the comprehensive review process.

The comprehensive review process will include hearings, comment period(s), and consensus development. Specific notices will be offered when votes are scheduled.

For more information, we refer you and your members to the Proposed Revisions/Comments web page. Instructions, information on the comprehensive standards review process, and answers to frequently asked questions may be found on this page.

Comments should be sent to Sarah Yount, NASM Programming and External Affairs Associate, at no later than December 15, 2017 using the Response Form provided on the website under Reviewing and Commenting on NASM Standards.

We offer appreciation in advance for your continuing attention to the standards review process. The Association is grateful for your participation, and values the productive dialogue that will ensue.

Should questions arise at any time regarding this process or the standards themselves, please feel free to contact the National Office staff. We look forward to the participation of interested members of your organization.

Thank you for your assistance.

Top Ways to Make Your Conference More Affordable!

It’s not too late to attend conference at a discount!  Take a look at the following ways to make your conference more affordable:

  • Become an AMTA member! 2017 AMTA members enjoy huge discounts on conference registration, which more than pay for the cost of membership.
  • Sign up for FREE or discounted courses! If you’re an AMTA member attending the conference, you have 12 Free (some with a nominal processing fee) sessions to choose from.
  • Ask your employer! Even if employers can’t cover all your conference expenses, they might be able to provide funds for professional development to offset your costs.
  • Save a little each week! Even though we have just under two months remaining, there are many online savings programs like SmartyPig, which help you plan for expenditures.
  • Watch for airline deals, or better yet, carpool if you are able! St. Louis is drivable from many locations and sharing a ride not only helps keep costs down, but also is better for the environment.
  • Remember the ROI (return on investment)! Conference offers you a chance to improve your skills, learn new techniques, be a part of the emerging research body, and network with other music therapists working with similar populations or settings.

Quote of the Month

"Surround yourself with those who see greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself!"

- Zig Ziglar