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Nominations Sought: New Commission for Education and Training of 21st Century Music Therapists

October 17, 2018 12:02 PM

Nominations Sought to Elect Six AMTA Members to New Commission for Education and Training of 21st Century Music Therapists: Nov. 2 Deadline

In response to the findings and recommendations of the MLE Subcommittee, the AMTA Board of Directors is taking action to create a Commission on the Education and Clinical Training of 21st Century Music Therapists. President Amber Weldon-Stephens appointed a Task Force for the 21st Century Music Therapists Commission to thoughtfully organize how to form this important new Commission. The specific relevant portion of the motion passed by the Board of Directors states the following:

“…Whereas, the Master’s Level Entry Subcommittee has identified academic, clinical, and administrative recommendations:

The Board of Directors moves to create a Commission on the Education and Clinical Training of 21st Century Music Therapists to: identify inconsistencies within degree programs to support clinical practice in a changing world; identify inconsistencies among and between National Roster and University Affiliated Internship programs; recommend changes to enhance current education and clinical training practices; support the ongoing efforts to increase state recognition of the MT-BC credential; and support efforts to encourage diversity and inclusion in the profession.” (Refer to the 2018 Mid-Year Highlights for wording of the entire motion.)\

Per the Task Force recommendations to the Board, the Commission will have 11 voting members. A total of five appointees will be recommended to the Board by the Task Force. Six Commission member recommendations will be elected by the Assembly in November. The 11 member Commission will elect their own chair.

In order to be upfront and fair with national committees with whom the Commission will interface, the Task Force thoughtfully consulted Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs and considered a lengthy list of potential appointees. They deliberated about the individuals by looking for representation from regions, expertise, and experience regarding a mix of academia, clinical background, internship involvement, and government relations. Four of the five members appointed thus far include the following listed alphabetically: Ron Borczon (WR), Betsey King (MAR), Marisol Norris (NER), Donna Polen (MAR).

Nominations for the Commission need to be submitted to an Assembly Delegate no later than Nov. 2, 2018. Each Regional President has been asked to nominate one member from his/her region. Additionally, any professional member may nominate ONE person for election to the Commission by going through an Assembly Delegate. The Assembly Delegate will submit the actual nomination to Speaker Snell. Each Assembly Delegate may nominate one person only. If a member approaches one Delegate who has already made a nomination, it may be necessary to speak with another Delegate to submit a name for nomination. Nominees should have good knowledge of the AMTA and areas being reviewed by the Commission, strong interest in serving, an ability to hear and incorporate many perspectives, an open mind, and a passion for moving the AMTA forward.

ANY AMTA member wishing to put forth a potential AMTA member candidate can do so by submitting the candidate’s name, confirmation of the candidate’s willingness to serve, contact information, and a 200 word (or less) bio/statement of interest TO an Assembly Delegate by Nov. 2, 2018. Assembly Delegates are responsible for submitting their nomination with the above information by NOV. 3 to the Speaker at IF the nominator does not receive an email confirmation by Sunday, Nov. 4, they MUST contact the Speaker by Monday, Nov. 5, at the same email address or via call/text to 734-693-2763 to assure that the nomination has been received.

Names and contact information of all Assembly Delegates can be found on regional websites.

Once all nominations are received and the Speaker is able to confirm and organize the names and contact information, the slate of nominations plus their bios/interest statements will be emailed to Assembly Delegates. The anticipated date is Nov. 7, 2018.

The election process is planned as follows:

  • Thursday, Nov. 15th Assembly Meeting: Review slate of candidates.
  • Friday, Nov. 16th Assembly Meeting: Candidates or their nominators will present individual bios/statements of interest.
  • Saturday, Nov. 17th Assembly Meeting: Election of candidates.