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Strategic Planning Update

October 22, 2021 07:40 PM

Strategic Planning Update

As the Board of Directors works to listen more effectively and respond to our community, we recognize that many have called for more transparency and equitable participation in strategic planning. We acknowledge that we need to reexamine our plans, and our work with the DEI Committee and other community members to develop a more transparent and equitable process. To allow us the time needed to do this, we will be postponing the three AMTA strategic planning sessions scheduled for October 26, 2021, November 9, 2021 and November 16, 2021. Dates for when the sessions will be rescheduled are not known at this time. We anticipate we will resume our plans in early 2022.

At this time, we are putting forward proposed bylaws revisions based upon DEI Committee motions passed at the October 20, 2021 Assembly of Delegates Meeting. These actions include the DEI Committee working in consultation with minoritized affinity group leaders to fill the vacant DEI Representative board position and efforts to support diverse representation for future strategic planning. We are incredibly regretful to have lost our previous Board DEI Representative Dr. Melita Belgrave. The Board of Directors apologizes to Dr. Belgrave and the music therapy community that we failed to support her pivotal work to enact effective DEI movement within the association. 

In addition, we apologize to Drs. Marisol Norris, Natasha Thomas, every affinity group and every community member who has worked to inform, encourage and push for change that we did not do. We recognize that the association will not be supported until we address the systemic practices of harm and oppressive culture that exists within this organization.

In the coming weeks, please look out for additional communications and a call to serve to support future efforts.

We will be in touch again when we have more information to share. We invite you to visit the Latest News section of the AMTA Homepage where updates on our plans and progress will be posted regularly. Thank you for your service to AMTA. 


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