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TEDx with Robin Spielberg: The Healing Power of Music

June 11, 2014 09:13 AM

Robin Spielberg's TEDx Talk About the Power of Music and Music Therapy

AMTA-Spokesperson, Robin Spielberg, beautifully portrays the importance of music and the value of music therapy in today's society. Her ideas about music are easily understood by the general public; she carefully comments on music while promoting the powerful and significant work of professional music therapists. Robin is an excellent storyteller and, by using the example of her premature infant daughter who is now a teen-aged percussionist, she elevates the role music played in the health and development of her daughter and how Robin's quest to learn about music therapy research led her to a partnership with the American Music Therapy Association. Take a break from your busy day and listen to her compelling story, share it with friends, and please feel free to post comments on the video's YouTube site.