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Update from AMTA Regarding COVID-19

March 13, 2020 09:09 AM

We at AMTA recognize the impact that COVID-19 is having on the world, and more specifically, on professional music therapists, music therapy interns, music therapy students, the clients we serve, as well as our ability to work.  With the World Health Organization’s recent declaration of COVID-19 as a pandemic, we now face unavoidable cancellation of conferences and practice and business disruptions for members and the regions.  AMTA is working with the Board, Regional Presidents, and many others to identify issues and concerns, and are meeting regularly to establish supportive forums for music therapists.  Our national conference planners are offering regional conference planners support, if and when needed, to examine contracts and clauses that may help minimize costs to regions around conference cancellations or rescheduling.  We are in uncharted waters, each day brings new information and challenges.  We hear you.  We stand together in this challenge and, as a group, we are stronger.