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Volunteers Needed to Serve on Work Group

Call for Statements of Interest to Serve on the 2021 Integrative Review of Policies and Procedures Assembly Work Group

9 Members Needed

Statement of Interest Due: Friday, December 18, 2020

Google Form to Submit:

Following Assembly approval of a motion at the AMTA Assembly of Delegates meeting on 11/30/2020, a short-term work group is being formed to focus on clarifying and identifying gaps in our current policies regarding harassment, sexual harassment, assault, and harm within AMTA. The following motion was approved:

Motion: We move to create an Assembly short-term work group as detailed in the rationale to clarify and identify gaps in our current policies and procedures regarding harassment, sexual harassment, and assault within our association and recommend procedures to ensure implementation of consequences with an update at the Mid-Year Board meeting.

The first step in forming the 2021 Integrative Review of Policies and Procedures Assembly Work Group (the Work Group) is to solicit statements of interest. We are seeking applicants with current or previous background and experience including:

  • Service on the Ethics Board or Anti-Harassment Work Group
  • Experience running national or regional conferences
  • Service on Association Internship Approval Committee or Academic Program Approval Committee
  • Service on regional committees addressing harassment or sexual harassment
  • Individuals with experience with Title IX
  • Current student in an AMTA Approved Program
  • Individuals who have experienced harassment or sexual harassment within our field and are willing to engage in this process

Applications will be considered by a 9-member review panel including the 4 Assembly Representatives to the Board of Directors, Meredith Pizzi, Melita Belgrave (Chair of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee), a student member, and two members-at-large.

Nine members will be appointed to the Work Group no later than Friday, January 8, 2021. The Work Group will submit a list of identified gaps and questions to the Speaker of the Assembly and CEO by mid-February and an update for the Speaker to report at the Mid-Year Board Meeting with suggestions and any unanswered questions.

To be considered for appointment to the 2021 Integrative Review of Policies and Procedures Assembly Work Group, complete the Google form at this link:

Statements of interest must be received by midnight EST on Friday, December 18, 2020.

Thank you for your interest in serving the profession!