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AMTA "Best of the Web in Counseling and Mental Health"

August 6, 2018 11:25 AM

AMTA Named "Best of the Web in Counseling and Mental Health" by Masters In Counseling

Thanks to for selecting AMTA as this week's "Best of the Web in Counseling and Mental Health."  AMTA was selected, "For their fantastic work in general, and especially their online resources." Listen to the segment at 45:05 toward the end of their July 24 podcast.


A text version of the segment appears below:

"We’re passionate about counseling and mental health here on the show and there’s a lot of fantastic web resources out there for both professionals in the field and just anyone interested in improving their mental well-being.  With that in mind, we created a segment where each week we recognize the Best of the Web in Counseling and Mental Health.  We find these resources through listener nominations and our own research.  So here’s our producer, Scott Hawksworth, to tell you about this week’s Best of the Web in Counseling and Mental Health.

Hey Masters in Counseling listeners. Scott here again to name another Best of the Counseling and Mental Health Web Award Winner. This week we are so happy to recognize the American Music Therapy Association, or AMTA, for their fantastic work in general and especially their online resources.

AMTA’s purpose is the progressive development of the therapeutic use of music in rehabilitation, special education, and community settings.  Predecessors, unified in 1998, included the National Association for Music Therapy, founded in 1950, and the American Association for Music Therapy, founded in 1971.

AMTA is committed to the advancement of education, training, professional standards, credentials, and research in the support of the music therapy profession.  Online at music, you can learn so much about what music therapy is all about, including what it is, who music therapists are, and what the AMTA is all about.  You can even explore the AMTA archives to learn about their strategic plans for advancing their causes, and growing their organization.  In addition to that, there's wealth of information on music therapy research, efficacy, and so much more: an online bookstore, and, of course, a list of all of their events.

When it comes to discovering music therapy, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better web resource.  Huge congratulations to them on their selection.  And remember, if you have any notable web resources for mental health and counseling and therapy that you think deserve recognition, feel free to email and let me know.  We’ll highlight it on the show."