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March 1, 2013 02:00 AM


Announcing the launch of imagine.unlimited, a global collaboration that connects early childhood music therapy research and practice.

imagine.unlimited provides:

  • a clearinghouse of information on research and practice for early childhood music therapists, related professionals, and parents, and
  • a source for training, resources, connection, and consultation to support professional development and individual growth (guided by expert collaborators Dr. Jayne Standley [], Dr. Petra Kern [imagine.magazine], Dr. Darcy Walworth [research.connect], and Dr. Dena Register [expert.consultation]).

imagine.unlimited brings together well-established institutes, publications, and initiatives to:

  • promote the use of evidence-based practice in music therapy,
  • educate the general public on the effectiveness of music therapy interventions that can enhance the lives of young children and their families in medical, school, and home environments, and
  • address current trends and lead the field into the future.  

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