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Official AMTA Notice Re: JMT Publication Ethics

January 18, 2022 07:01 PM

AMTA Update Regarding Journal of Music Therapy Publication Ethics Review

American Music Therapy Association
Barbara A. Else
AMTA Journal Business Manager
American Music Therapy Association
301-589-3300 x114


SILVER SPRING, MD –1/18/22 7:01 pm

The American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) takes matters that involve our members, programs, systems, and processes seriously. As a result of an online concern regarding an article published in the AMTA Journal of Music Therapy (JMT), the AMTA journals established a process to review the matter in accordance with the association’s policies and with guidance published by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). This confidential process took place over several months and yielded a corrigendum (correction notice) (doi: This correction notice also will appear in print in the earliest available journal issue of 2022.

As the association moves forward with an increased focus on understanding, listening, and dialogue, AMTA will also be communicating and demonstrating actionable steps for systemic changes within the association journals. We have been engaging in a review of resources, policies, processes, and procedures within our journals, with the intention of strengthening our journals around issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in scholarly publishing. We acknowledge and recognize that dedicated efforts to improve all AMTA systems, including the processes within the academic journals, is necessary in order to grow and strengthen the profession. Updates about the journals can be found online at, @AMTAResearch, or on the AMTA website. Thank you to our members, volunteers, and the larger community for your patience and support.




We invite you to view this video message from AMTA Member and Journal Business Manager Barbara Else.