COVID-19 Resources - Telehealth Considerations and Resources

Telehealth Considerations and Resources

Information and Resources from AMTA

AMTA Statement on Telehealth and Music Therapy Practice [April 16, 2020]

Advisory from the AMTA COVID19 Task Force - Copyright and Licensing: Maintaining compliance in online/remote environments [June 9, 2020]

Virtual Music Therapy (VMT) in School Districts [May 20, 2020]

Model of Telehealth. AMTA COVID-19 Task Force members Seneca Block and David Knott present an overview for a model of Virtual Music Therapy (VMT) (video and accompanying document, plus presentation slide deck to download separately). [April 10, 2020]  

Be cognizant of HIPAA, FERPA, and other regulations and maintain compliance with these guidelines. Be aware that these guidelines may continue to change in terms of what is allowable as we transition to different stages of the pandemic. Keep in mind that during a pandemic there may be periods where stricter lockdown is reinstated, depending on the region. Additional guidance is provided by the U.S. Health & Human Services (2020). [ August 5, 2020]

Sample Consent Form Template

Telehealth online platforms are numerous. A few examples include: 

Many features and factors necessary to your business/practice such as cost, time limit, number of participants, ease of use, sound quality, lag time, HIPAA compliance, etc. should be considered. Some of these factors may be impacted more by users' equipment and internet speed. AMTA does not review nor endorse any of these services; however, networks of MT-BCs, including music therapy business owners are active in exploring various apps and services and many facilities suggest or require specific products.

Liability Insurance and Jurisdiction. Review your liability insurance coverage with your insurance provider if telehealth is a part of your practice. For example, the Health Provider's Service Organization (HPSO) notes "professional liability coverage, issued by HPSO, does not have a limitation as to how professional services are provided (in person or via technology)." However, you should be appropriately credentialed and in some states licensed to provide professional music therapy services. For persons covered under HPSO, their website includes updated information and FAQs regarding COVD19 and liability insurance. You must comply with state, federal and facility guidelines relative to scope of practice, practice setting, and both inter- and intra-state jurisdictional regulations.

Additional Telehealth Information and Resources

Federal and State Resources
COVID-19 Task Force and Member Resources
Other External and Music Industry Resources

Professional Claims and Reimbursement. Information on Place of Service Codes for professional claims and CPT Codes for telehealth may be found in Member Resources at Members>JobCenter>Reimbursement section of the AMTA website. Nonmembers may send an email to for a summary of telehealth codes.

Reimbursement Information can be found in Member Resources>Reimbursement


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