21st Century ED & CT Commission

The Commission on the Education and Clinical Training of 21st Century Music Therapists (The Commission)

Members of the Commission

Listed below are the 12 members (11 voting members, 1 ex-officio) of the Commission and their contact information. If you have questions or comments for the Commission, feel free to contact any member or the full group.

Please Share Your Thoughts, Suggestions, and Visions for the Future of Music Therapy

We have created a Google form to provide the opportunity for you to provide your thoughts, suggestions, and visions for the future of music therapy with the Commission, anonymously if you prefer. You may return to this form as often as you like to contribute additional ideas. The Commission will also be updating the form with new information and questions as our work progresses, so please continue to check back often and stay tuned to our social media accounts and your email for notifications when these changes occur. You can access the form here: https://forms.gle/5hRrVkYWeGN7GdKK9

History and Formation

Following the submission of the Final Report of the Master’s Level Entry (MLE) Subcommittee to the membership and the AMTA Board of Directors (BOD) in 2018, the BOD “cited inconclusive direction and fiduciary concern as the primary reasons to not support the Subcommittee recommendation of moving to a master’s level entry by 2030” (see complete 7/12/18 MLE Press Release here:  https://www.musictherapy.org/masters_level_entry_press_release/).

However, the BOD overwhelmingly supported further exploration of current and future education and clinical training of music therapists, resulting in the following motion:

Whereas, there is lack of consensus (e.g., among Master’s Level Entry Subcommittee Members and the membership) for a move to Master’s Level Entry;

  • Whereas, the evidence is inconclusive (e.g., Master’s Level Entry Subcommittee Final Report, two Master’s Level Entry surveys, feedback and analyses from Regional Town Hall/Concurrent Session Meetings, and Master’s Level Entry and State Recognition document) to support a move to Master’s Level Entry;
  • Whereas, the Board has considered its fiduciary responsibilities and financial risk tolerance for the organization’s sustainability regarding a move to Master’s Level Entry;
  • Whereas, the overall path (e.g., academic preparation, clinical training, and administrative support) is not sufficiently articulated for a move to Master’s Level Entry; and
  • Whereas, the Master’s Level Entry Subcommittee has identified academic, clinical, and administrative recommendations;

The Board of Directors moves to create a Commission on the Education and Clinical Training of 21st  Century Music Therapists to:

  • identify inconsistencies within degree programs to support clinical practice in a changing world;
  • identify inconsistencies among and between National Roster and University Affiliated Internship programs;
  • recommend changes to enhance current education and clinical training practices;
  • support the ongoing efforts to increase state recognition of the MT-BC credential;
  • and support efforts to encourage diversity and inclusion in the profession.

President Amber Weldon-Stephens appointed a Task Force from the AMTA Board of Directors for the purpose of establishing a 21st Century Music Therapists Commission in the fall of 2018. This Task Force sought and appointed 5 voting members to the Commission, with the remaining 6 voting positions being nominated and elected by the Assembly of Delegates. For additional details on this process, please see the 10/17/18 Press Release here: https://www.musictherapy.org/nominations_sought_new_commission_for_education_and_training_of_21st_century_music_therapists/

On January 1, 2019, the Commission on the Education and Clinical Training of 21st Century Music Therapists officially began its work.

Commission Activities

Commission Retreat - July 2019

The Commission held a retreat from July 21-24, 2019 in Dallas, TX, on the campus of Southern Methodist University. This first in-person meeting of the Commission included intensive review and consideration of the Charge to the Commission, development of various communication platforms for the community, and creation of our next steps in gathering information.

The Commission will also be meeting on Wednesday, November 20, 2019, from 8:00 am - 12:00 noon at the annual AMTA conference in Minneapolis, MN.

January – June 2019

The Commission has met regularly via video conference since the start of the year. To date, Commission members have:

  • organized the form and functions of the Commission (such as electing Co-Chairs, creating an organizational system in Drive, establishing Commission subcommittees for education and clinical training)
  • held focused discussions on topics of identity, education, clinical training, and musicianship
  • contributed to a variety of ‘reflections’ documents, including one for each of the five points in our Charge and one for each of the three points defining the 21st century music therapist (taken from the MLE Subcommittee Final Report, Part 1)
  • reviewed related historical documents as well as current AMTA and CBMT guidance documents

History and Background